Box Belong and LatinX ERGs team up with Charities Refugee & Immigration Program

Catholic Charities Refugee & Immigration Program

The sun is warm on their cheeks while they await the start. The whistle blows. Cleats hit the ground and the games begin. The look on the children's faces playing what they love is priceless! They only have one request....they want to play soccer!

This was the scene on a Saturday in June when two of Box's Employee Resource Groups Box LatinX and Box Belong, came together with Catholic Charities for a fun game of soccer to raise money for unaccompanied minors, children who bravely left their families and fled their countries to escape persecution, abandonment, exploitation, serious deprivation, and/or violence. 

Box Belong - a community of foreign nationals and their allies, LatinX - a community of professionals from a Latinx background and their allies, and - the social impact initiative of Box, co-sponsored this volunteer soccer event last month, called, Futbol con Corazón 2018 . At Box, we believe that we work better together in a world where a diversity of background, beliefs and ideas can flourish. We are proud that we have over 12 Employee Resource Groups who work to integrate this thinking across all Box's offices. 

The funds collected in this tournament will go toward supporting the unaccompanied minors we played soccer with. This group of resilient youngsters mostly living in San Mateo now have safety, care, family, and a place to call home.  We're grateful to have been able to participate in this event and proud of the tremendous support and generous donations, from Boxers and friends. The funds will go toward enabling affordable legal assistance and wraparound services for these children. 

Since the tournament, we've not only continued to fundraise, but to also find Boxers who will volunteer as translators and mentors for the children served by Catholic Charities.

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