Box Announces Powerful Enhancements to Box AI for Intelligent Content Management

Businesses run on content. It’s the movie script that turns into a blockbuster new film, the R&D files that turn into a breakthrough new product, the contracts that close a big deal, and the marketing assets that deliver an amazing new campaign. In fact, 90% of the data in the enterprise is made up of this unstructured information. Yet, for years, we haven’t been able to truly tap into the value of our most important information. AI changes all of this, and we’re entering an era of intelligent content management.

Imagine a world where summarizing complex contracts is a breeze, where you can ask a question about any financial document and receive an immediate response, or where you can query across any amount of research data to identify hidden trends and patterns. This is the transformative power of unlocking unstructured data. At Box, we're committed to empowering businesses with the tools they need to navigate this new frontier with the Intelligent Content Cloud. And today, we’re thrilled to announce significant updates that will make it easier than ever for our enterprise customers to leverage Box AI.

Starting today, Box AI for Documents, Notes, and Hubs (now in beta) will offer unlimited end-user querying included in Enterprise Plus. You heard that right, you can now enable employees to take full advantage of their content with Box AI without any end-user caps.

Now, every employee can be more productive by asking Box AI to easily extract the information they need from their documents, help draft new content in seconds, or derive timely insights from their content to transform how they work and accelerate workflows in their businesses. For example:

  • Life sciences organizations extracting insights from clinical studies to help streamline product development.
  • Financial services firms analyzing financial files and investor relations documents to inform advisors of market updates.
  • Marketing managers generating fresh and editable content quickly in the form of blogs, LinkedIn posts, and other social media.
  • HR leads searching sensitive documents, including company policies and employee records, to find the answers employees need most.
  • Nonprofit organizations attaching metadata to contracts to help organize their content.

The possibilities are endless, and the queries limitless! This breakthrough has become possible both due to the rapid advancements within the Box AI Platform to drive more efficient use of AI, as well as major improvements in AI architectures and underlying costs over the past year. As always, at Box, we’re committed to bringing major technological improvements to our customers as soon as they happen.

In addition to offering unlimited end user queries to Enterprise Plus customers using Box AI for Notes, Documents and Hubs, we’re also excited to announce the following enhancements to Box AI, expected to be available later this year:

  • Integration with GPT-4o: We plan to support the new GPT-4o model in Box AI for Hubs, leveraging this advanced AI to deliver higher quality answers and increased support for over 20 additional languages. With this planned integration, Box Hubs users will also benefit from enhanced text-related functionalities including multimodal understanding, ethical and sensitive content handling, task-specific adaptation, and more. 
  • Support for additional file types: We will support natural language queries on image file formats, allowing users to ask specific questions about an image stored in Box.We’ll also support querying on spreadsheets, turning them into executable commands for precise data analysis - thus simplifying interactions with large structured data sets and generating insights faster
  • All-new Box AI for Metadata API: This new API enables developers to integrate Box AI with custom applications and automatically extract key information from documents at scale. When combined with Box’s workflow automation tools, customers will be able to automate processes based on file metadata, extract key fields from unstructured content, and save information to external applications such as Salesforce. 

With unlimited end-user querying and powerful new features, it's time to unlock the full potential of your unstructured data. Click here to turn on Box AI in the Admin Console and let’s dive into the world of intelligent enterprise content.

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