Box and Fujitsu to Form Strategic Partnership

Today, as we wrap up Box World Tour in Tokyo with over 1,000 attendees, I'm excited to announce that we've entered into a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding with regard to a strategic partnership with Fujitsu, Japan's leading information and communication technology company.

Following a planned deployment of Box to approximately 160,000 worldwide employees, Fujitsu intends to develop a global communication product and tailored industry solutions, integrated with Box. We're also teaming up with Fujitsu to explore making Box available to Japanese customers through Fujitsu’s cloud service, FUJITSU Digital Business Platform MetaArc (MetaArc).

Fujitsu + Box

Box and Fujitsu intend to jointly develop solutions for CRM, ECM, and specific industries including manufacturing, distribution, and public sectors. This will be done by integrating Box with Fujitsu’s solutions with advanced features like security, mobility, network capability, and palm vein authentication. Fujitsu and Box Japan also intend to jointly develop a marketing plan that will enable Fujitsu to maximize its sales potential.

Additionally, to offer customers the option of local data storage in Japan, Fujitsu plans to provide Box from its Japanese data center and aims to launch Box as part of its MetaArc service in 2017.

Working with Fujitsu is an important step for accelerating cloud adoption globally. After the initial collaboration in Japan, we aim to expand the collaboration into the global market, including possible joint investments in the Asian market.

Enabling Customer Flexibility Box Zones
Since opening in Japan two years ago, we've seen incredibly strong momentum, securing customers and partners in a variety of industries including healthcare, life sciences, eCommerce, education and technology. As we continue to transform the way organizations work, we're offering even greater flexibility to our customers who have complex data residency needs with the introduction of Box Zones.

Available in August in Japan, Box Zones offers customers a choice in where they store their content, enabling true flexibility in the cloud. Box Zones provides:

  • Choice of storage region - Choose where to store data in Box, either in Europe or Asia
  • Seamless integration - It works seamlessly with other Box solutions, such as Box Governance
  • No change in the Box end-user experience - Box's usability, governance, and mobile experiences do not change with Box Zones.

Box Zones

Thanks to the power of the cloud, Japanese businesses are even more connected, collaborative and global. We're very excited to extend greater choice to our customers and flexibility through our intended partnership with Fujitsu and the introduction of Box Zones.

To learn more about Box Zones, check out our latest webinar. And to learn more about how Box is transforming the planet's largest enterprises, join us at Box Works in September.

For more information about Box's planned strategic partnership with Fujitsu and other forward-looking statements, please read the joint press release.

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