Boost productivity and cut costs with the latest Box Sign features

Boost productivity and cut cost with Box Sign

Organizational productivity skyrockets when companies empower their entire workforce with the right tools. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been the case with e-signatures. Many companies cherry-pick which employees and use cases can use e-signatures, to avoid the high costs of deploying standalone e-sign tools company-wide.

Box Sign has fundamentally changed this dynamic. With unlimited e-signatures available via the web app on Box Business and higher plans, we empower Box users with e-sign capabilities and make it easy to execute employee, customer, and partner transactions digitally. Today, over half a million Box users have already been enabled by their IT teams to take advantage of Box Sign, and this growth trend continues to accelerate as every wave of new features unlocks more use cases.

Today, we’re thrilled to enable our customers to address higher-value and higher-volume use cases, with exciting product updates on multiple fronts:

  • New ‘ready-sign link’ feature that enables users to post documents online that anyone can sign
  • Several key enhancements including the ability to edit signature requests in-flight, an improved signer experience, support for automated archival workflows, and API updates
  • Box Sign capabilities now available in Business Starter plans
Ready sign link

Ready-sign link

Companies often need the ability to share documents for signing online, for their customers, employees or other entities to access on-demand and self-serve at scale. Examples include event registrations, waiver/consent/liability forms, standard documents like NDAs, customer addendums etc. In such scenarios, the signers are not necessarily known in advance and hence the typical method of requesting e-signatures doesn’t always work.

With the ‘ready-sign link’ feature, users can quickly generate a reusable document link that can be posted online (webpages, social media, company intranet etc.) or shared via email. Anyone with access to the link can review, initiate the signing process, sign the document, and get a copy of the fully executed document for their records. For example, a ready-sign link can be created for an ‘event attendee liability waiver’ form and hyperlinked into a conference registration flow, for registrants to complete as part of the signup process. As you can imagine, these could easily run into thousands of signatures per event.

The ’ready-sign link’ feature, and the ‘batch send’ feature which Box released in May, are included in Box’s Enterprise Plus plan. These two features can significantly help customers reduce costs of other e-signature tools, which may include the need to pay per envelope or transaction for these high-volume business processes.

Check out this article to learn more about ready-sign links.

Key feature enhancements

We’ve also made several key enhancements to existing Box Sign features:

  • Revise signature request: Senders now have the ability to edit, modify, or correct certain aspects of a signature request after it has been sent out, without having to void and resend. This includes adding or editing recipients, fields and settings subject to certain conditions. For example, senders can change a signer if they learn the signer is on vacation. For more details, refer to this article.
Revise signature request
  • Improved signer experience: Signers now enjoy a more streamlined user experience with improved document navigation and guidance elements. This article outlines the enhancements made, which can help increase completion rates for documents sent out for signature.
  • Enhanced Sign-Relay integration: Users automating downstream actions with the Sign-Relay integration can now treat the signing log and executed document as a single entity. Relay outcomes such as file, metadata, and task actions can now apply to both files in lockstep, enabling support for automated archival workflows. Click here to learn more.
Sign Relay Integration
  • API updates for developers: Support for webhooks and redirect flows enable developers to build appropriate user experiences in third-party and custom applications based on Box Sign events.  For example, a wealth management firm can use a webhook in their client portal to know when the client signed a form, and trigger the next step of informing their client manager. Additionally, redirect flows can help show clients the right landing pages based on whether they signed or declined.

Box Sign capabilities in Business Starter plan

Following the global rollout of Box Sign last year to customers on Business plans and above, we are excited to announce Box Sign is now available to our Business Starter plan customers (who have between 3 and 10 users). Box Sign is currently off for users by default and needs to be enabled by the Box Administrator. Once enabled, every user in this plan has access to a rich set of e-signature features, and can send up to 10 documents out for signature per month.

Check out this article to see a full list of features by plan. Business Starter plan customers can upgrade to a Business or higher plan for unlimited e-signatures via the Box web app, and more advanced features.

With a solid cadence of new features and enhancements, Box Sign continues to empower Box users with the convenience of e-signatures. To learn more about upcoming innovations in Box Sign and the Box Content Cloud, join us at BoxWorks 2022.

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