Box Notes Is Now Mobile

A few weeks back, we finished rolling out Box Notes to all users. Today, we're excited to add Box Notes support in our updated iPhone and iPad app, so you can now take Box Notes on the go! Box Notes is already ideal for meetings, brainstorms, agendas and team status updates. Now that it's included on mobile, you can easily capture ideas and collaborate in real-time - from anywhere.



There are a number of note-taking apps available today, so what makes Box Notes different? We're built for business. Box Notes is part of Box - so it has the same security, encryption, and sharing permissions that come with the Box platform. The notes you create live alongside the presentations, spreadsheets, images and other documents you already store in Box. You have one centralized location to manage your projects, teams or accounts.

Box customers from a variety of industries and verticals have adopted Box Notes at scale to be more productive, collaborative and efficient. For example, Bob Flynn, the IT manager for community partnerships at Indiana University, shared how the teams there are using the feature. "Using Box Notes, our team can seamlessly take notes, brainstorm and build on ideas in the same document, at the exact same time - regardless of location. The real time collaboration allows us to quickly create agendas, follow-up on action items, and with new mobile functionality, I can see it allowing us to reduce time spent on email exchanges."

iphone_newnoteAt its core, Box Notes is about making it easy to work with others. It promotes the sharing of information and collaboration. Live, concurrent editing lets everyone read and make changes instantly together. This is great for meetings - even when some participants aren't in the office. And with today's global workforce, not everyone is online and working at the same time - Box Notes is great for those situations too. Notes are automatically available to collaborators of the folder, so there's no need to share each individual note with the people who need it.

Ready to take your notes mobile? From your Box iPhone or iPad app, select 'Create New Box Note' from the Add Items menu, or open any existing Box Note.

We have been thrilled with the reception we've gotten for Box Notes, and we're excited to continue to build features that will promote the secure sharing of ideas. Download Box for iPhone and iPad today and give it try. And for all our Android users, we'll be adding Box Notes to the Android app later this summer. We'd love to hear what you think in the comments below or on Twitter @BoxHQ.