BETC, Leading Creative Agency, Chooses Box for Cloud Content Management

Today, we are delighted to announce that the leading French creative agency, BETC, has chosen Box as its secure, integrated platform to manage content in the cloud. Founded in Paris and part of the Havas Group, BETC is a global communications, marketing and advertising agency with a strong reputation for creativity. BETC uses Box as its secure, integrated platform to manage the content lifecycle in the cloud and ultimately produce top-tier campaigns for clients.

“At BETC, we strive to rethink the boundaries between media, culture, communications and business in order to reinvent relationships between leading brands and their desired audiences,” said Lionel Sarrazy, IT Director at BETC. “We care deeply about providing our clients and partners with a first class service. Our choice of technology reflects this, as by using Box as our central platform and single source of truth for managing our content, we can productively collaborate and execute stellar campaigns for our clients.”

BETC first adopted Box in 2016 and since then has expanded its use of Box to:

  • Power secure collaboration with external partners and customers on assets such as talent agreements, contracts and documents; 
  • Support BETC’s hybrid work model by connecting office-based and remote employees around the globe; 
  • Enable BETC’s marketing and design teams to speed up timelines and deliver product designs and assets, production specs and more including large file types like videos; 
  • Integrate with critical business apps such as Microsoft 365 and iWork; 
  • Ensure legal retention and compliance requirements are met with Box Governance;
  • Manage content in multiple regions across BETC’s global organization with Box Zones. 

“At Box, we recognise marketing agencies like BETC run on content and understand the sector’s needs when it comes to security, collaboration and productivity,” said Jade McQueen, Vice President of Media and Entertainment at Box. “We are thrilled to partner with leading marketing agencies and media and entertainment production companies, enabling them to leverage modern technology to create their best campaigns, tell amazing stories on screen, and keep them ahead of the curve in today’s rapidly growing and ever-changing industry.”

We’re excited to support BETC in powering the next generation of creative content for their prestigious clients. We look forward to our continued partnership as BETC continues to expand its use of Box and develop its Content Cloud journey.

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