Unify your work across apps with our new activity stream and Recommended Apps

Over the last few years, there has been an explosion in the number of tools and applications that organizations are using to collaborate in their day-to-day processes. In fact, organizations today are using on average 1,181 services to support the work of their employees*. This number only continues to grow, making it increasingly difficult for employees to manage work happening across all of their applications.

To help alleviate these challenges, we're announcing today two new exciting features, Recommended Apps and a new activity stream, now including apps. Unveiled on stage during the Product Keynote at BoxWorks 2018, these two features will enable users to be more productive by surfacing the rich context of work happening around any given file, right within Box.

Surfacing relevant apps with Recommended Apps

The new Recommended Apps feature displays a list of curated applications that users can leverage with each file in Box. Displayed when the file is previewed, this new feature surfaces the right app at the right time for users, right where they work the most. Individuals can then take actions in the recommended apps directly from Box, saving them valuable time by reducing the steps needed to get work done across their app ecosystem.

Recommended apps

Recommended Apps leverages Box's advanced intelligence and machine learning to dynamically predict which apps users are most likely to leverage with any given file, based on factors like which apps the individual most frequently uses, are most popular in the enterprise and are most closely associated with that file type. And to maintain IT requirements, only apps approved by a Box Administrator are displayed. With Recommended Apps, users can be more efficient and agile when working in Box.

Stay current on app activity with the new activity stream

As the number of apps employees use to get work done rapidly increases, so does the number of disparate work streams they must keep track of. Our new and enhanced activity stream adds additional visibility into how content is being leveraged across the organization, by bringing third party app activity happening around a file into Box. This means users can easily see all updates on that file across related apps, and quickly take action in those apps. 

Activity stream

With the new activity stream, users have a central place to view all activity around a certain file. This single source of truth ensures that no context, whether in a Slack conversation or a Salesforce account record, is ever missed. To further streamline collaboration, users can simply click on an update in the activity stream to jump directly to the source of the activity in the third-party app. The new enhanced to activity stream reduces the likelihood of content fragmentation and empowers users to be more productive with aggregated contextual information.

Recommended Apps and the new activity stream with apps will be available in the coming months - stay tuned for more information!

*Source: 2018 NetSkope Cloud Report

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