3 reasons developers should attend BoxWorks

More than 200,000 developers today are building applications and custom integrations with Box. With Box Platform, we're focused on simplifying how development teams get started and showcasing whats possible with best in class tools. At BoxWorks this year, we have a number of different learning opportunities for enterprises to get started on their development journey. Are you interested in understanding how to get started with the Box API? What about best practices for application development. Interested in learning how to extract insights from your content with Box Skills? Check out everything thats available for you and customize your agenda to get the most out of BoxWorks this year!

Developer Learning Tracks

This years developer track provides a foundation for development teams across all backgrounds to get started with Box platform. You’ll learn how to use our APIs to build your first application, integrate Box with third-party systems, and extract insights from your content with AI. Attend our sessions and learn more about integrating Cloud Content Management across your company's business systems, workflows, and content experiences. Be sure to mix and match with other tracks including digital business, industries and many more!

BoxWorks 2019

Developer Workshop

Are you looking to expand your development skills with Box? if so, then our developer workshop is just for you! Box experts will join you in an all-day workshop covering authentication types, common scaling challenges, token maintenance, and architectural considerations when building on Box, setting you on a path to success with your next Box Platform project. The $100 ticket price includes a complimentary BoxWorks pass along with your reserved spot for the Box developer training program. The workshop has limited capacity, so be sure to book your spot!

BoxWorks 2019

Box Platform Showcase

Come by the Box Platform booth and speak to one of our developer ambassadors about kickstarting your next project and setting yourself on the path to success. We'll be showcasing some of the latest developer tools as well as a sneak peak of whats coming in the near future. Our team will also be on-hand to answer any questions you have and even help you with any current development projects you want to review! More information about our schedules will be available in your mobile event app so don't forget to stop by and say Hi! 

BoxWorks 2019

We’re here to help

Our team is here to help you learn, develop and get inspired by the possibilities of developing with Box. This years BoxWorks will showcase the power of cloud content management in your enterprise and the role that developers from all backgrounds play to achieve that vision. Come attend our sessions, speak to our team and see how we can help you get started on your journey!

Thanks for reading and see you at BoxWorks 2019!

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