Three new partner integrations leveraging the power of intelligence with Box

Three new partner integrations leveraging the power of intelligence with Box

With over 1400 integrations and counting, the Box integration ecosystem is constantly growing and improving. We partner with top companies who share our open platform vision and are dedicated to providing the best content experience to customers. 

This month, we're highlighting integrations with new partners that extend the power of Box Skills, our framework that applies best-of-breed AI technologies from leading providers to your content in Box. Using these new Skills, customers can leverage the power of intelligence to extract insights from content and unlock value across their organizations.

We're excited to share new Skills from the following Box partners:

  • Alkymi applies artificial intelligence to help financial services companies automate manual tasks on documents that require human comprehension. The Alkymi Box Skill transforms historically cumbersome processes like equity research by extracting information within equity, credit, commodity, and economic research reports and turning that into structured data that can be used for analytics. When equity research documents are uploaded to a Box folder, the Alkymi platform generates tags in real-time, using Box Skills to populate topic cards with factual information from the document.
  • Diligen is a leader in machine learning software for contract review, helping legal teams review contracts faster and more efficiently by automatically identifying key provisions, producing contract summaries and helping teams manage the contract review process. The Diligen Box Skill provides instant insight into all contracts stored in Box by automatically identifying over 200 different provision types (e.g. term, termination, assignment, data protection) across the areas of M&A due diligence, lease review, tax and finance. Teams will be able to find specific clauses within any contract more quickly and efficiently. 
  • Intelease uses AI to extract and analyze actionable insight from legal and financial documents such as leases, comps, debt and more. The Intelease Box Skill alleviates the burden of document review in real estate by extracting critical information from lease documents (e.g. like rent payment schedules) and populating that as metadata on the document in Box that can be reviewed, searched, or exported to leverage for additional workflows. 

In addition, we're also excited to introduce new integrations with partners like Guru for knowledge management, Asana to streamline work management and Bitglass to provide added security and access controls. Box's partner ecosystem powers intelligent enterprises everywhere, and we're thrilled to partner with innovative companies that extend our Cloud Content Management capabilities.

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