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Does this sound like you? You’ve embraced diverse technologies. You’ve adapted to new ways of collaborating, and your organization has become increasingly data-driven. And you’ve maintained a security-first mindset by ensuring your most important data — your content — stays protected and compliant. It sounds like you’re a Box customer!

Despite these accomplishments, a new productivity and collaboration challenge has emerged: effectively managing and making sense of the unprecedented amount of content that’s created on a daily basis. According to new information from IDC, organizations will generate over 73,000 exabytes globally in 2023! With that kind of volume growing at an exponential rate, keeping employees and teams aligned around critical, source-of-truth content has never been more imperative.

That’s why we’re excited to announce Box Hubs: a new, simple way to securely curate, organize, and publish enterprise content across your entire organization. At Box, secure content management and collaboration is in our DNA. So, whether you need to preview and share documents, brainstorm or whiteboard your latest innovation, create project plans or take meeting notes, or analyze content engagement, you can do it all (and more) with a single, unified platform — the Content Cloud. And now, we’re empowering you to meet another critical need with scalable, secure tools for curating and publishing content in just a few clicks (no need for IT resources or hours of training for users).

Soon, you will be able to use Hubs to enable your teams with one place to find sales materials, create a brand library to house all of your enterprise’s design assets, or spin up a Hub for your next big product launch. And do it all right from Box, so all your great content stays available to teams that need it.

Hubs 1

With Box Hubs, editors will be able to: 

  • Create a Hub in minutes without IT or admin help; just select the files you need and publishing them in a few clicks (no coding required!)
  • Customize a Hub by adding header images and icons, descriptive information, and an intuitive content layout
  • Effortlessly add existing Box content and organize it into easy-to-read content playlists (without having to move or copy files from folders)
  • Know that their content’s protected — all content published in a Hub retains our enterprise-grade security, governance, and compliance capabilities (and your content is only ever available to its intended audience)
Hubs 2

And, when it comes to finding content, Box Hubs will allow users to:

  • Access all available Hubs via the new Box Hubs gallery, so teams find what they need without having to sift through folders
  • Leverage robust search functionality within specific Hubs to find the information they need faster
  • View built-in insights at the Hub and file level to better understand content performance and audience engagement

In addition to these core features, Hubs will integrate with Box AI, so users can find answers to critical questions across curated documents, automatically summarize vast amounts of information, and effortlessly create new content based on Hub content — all in seconds. 

Hubs 3

Endless possibilities, effortless creation

Give teams across every department a home base for all the content they need to get work done faster and build more value into every aspect of your business. Whether you’re talking sales enablement, HR employee resources, customer success accounts – or anything in between – you can create Hubs and distribute content for every department and team. For example:

  • HR teams will be able to publish a Hub for their company handbook, 401K plans, diversity and inclusion resources, and more, so all employees easily find information and stay up-to-date on company policies
  • Sales enablement teams will be able to organize a Hub with the corporate pitch, buyer personas, and discovery questions, so that the sales team can engage with more buyers and grow revenue
  • Brand teams will be able to create a Hub with ready-made templates, images, and logos to keep employees and agencies aligned while strengthening the company’s overall brand recognition
  • Marketing teams will be able to curate a Hub with objectives, goals, positioning statements, and competitive analyses, allowing hybrid teams to work seamlessly while measuring ROI on marketing initiatives
  • Product teams will be able to build a department Hub with the product roadmap, org charts, and quarterly planning processes so products get delivered to customers on time
  • Procurement teams will be able to create a onboarding Hub with the information, processes, and contracts new vendors need to get up to speed quickly

Best of all, Box Hubs affords you the same enterprise-grade security and compliance features you know and love in the Content Cloud. Plus, you’ll bring content together with context in a central, organized location that’s easy to find, navigate, and understand — all while enabling seamless collaboration and connection across teams.

Pricing and availability

Next year, we’ll be launching a beta for Box Hubs. And when Box Hubs becomes available, it will be accessible to all Box users on Enterprise plans and above. Users will be able to create as many Hubs as they need, and share them out to their internal or extended teams. Intelligent, Box AI-powered Hubs will be available to users on Enterprise Plus plans.

To learn more about Box Hubs and how it can transform your organization’s content workflows, visit our website, or watch the keynote presentation at BoxWorks on October 11.

*The Box product roadmap and features are subject to change. The development, release and timing of any Box products or features described in this blog are (a) at the sole discretion of Box and (b) subject to certain assumptions regarding available resources, product plans and other information available to Box as of the date of this post. The information in this post is not a commitment, promise or legal obligation to deliver any specific features, code or functionality. Customers should make any purchasing decisions based on Box product features and functionality that are currently available.

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