Now Storing Data Securely Down Under

Today, we're incredibly excited to announce general availability of Box Zones in Australia. Box Zones enables our Australian customers to store their data locally, address organisations' data residency concerns for the ANZ region, and removes another barrier for these companies to move to the cloud. Box can now provide Australian companies a way to work more collaboratively in the cloud without compromising security, governance and compliance.

To learn more about how Box can support your collaboration needs, while keeping your files in Australia, register for our webinar next week here: Box Zones: Move to the Cloud, Secure Your Data Down Under.

Organisations in Australia, like their counterparts throughout the world, are subject to many, complex regulations and internal requirements. To help address our customers strictest security and compliance needs, we offer advanced solutions where customers can manage their own encryption keys, apply document retention schedules and legal holds, and trigger security policies based on classification labels. Zones Australia, by storing customer data in-country on AWS, can help address Australian Privacy Principles for organisations with data residency concerns and help companies meet the Australian Signals Directorate’s strong recommendation that cloud providers handling sensitive data be located in Australia. Australian organisations with strong data governance requirements can now feel confident in leveraging cloud content management and collaboration.

Customers can now choose to store data in Europe, Asia, and Australia. In the near future, Box will further expand Zones support to Canada. In addition, customers will soon be able to choose the infrastructure partner they prefer - Amazon Web Services or IBM Cloud. We look forward to opening new geographies and bringing more capabilities to our customers operating across the globe.

To learn how Box can store your files in Australia, join our webinar here - Box Zones: Move to the Cloud, Secure Your Data Down Under. The webinar will be next week, on Tuesday, November 22, 2016 at 10:00 A.M. AEDT in Australia. A recording will be available after the webinar.