The New Box Developer Console is Now Available in Open Beta

Once you’ve got an understanding of what you can do with the Box API and you’re eager to get started, the next step is to create an app, configure your settings, grab your API key and start building. To make building with our API as easier than ever before, we’re launching a brand new Box Developer Console in beta. You can enable the new console for your account by clicking here.

The new Box Developer Console is a complete overhaul in the design and functionality of our developer console, making it easier than ever to create, configure, and manage apps built with our APIs.

Check out this video for an overview of the new Box Developer Console:

The all new Box Developer Console includes a refreshed user interface, guided walkthroughs for configuring applications based on your use case, easy access to support and reference documentation, and a simple mechanism to submit bugs and other feedback. It leverages the same design language we just rolled out across the Box web and mobile apps.

When you first come to the Box Developer Console, you'll see different options for the types of things you can build with Box Platform. From here, you can choose your use case and you'll be launched into a guided walkthrough for your use case. Once you've created an app, we'll recommend configurations based on your use case, which you can of course modify to fit your individual needs. You can also go to general settings to change the name of your app, add another developer as a collaborator to your app, or delete your app. We've also added quick links to create and manage webhooks and access our SDKs, documentation, and support site.

The new Box Developer Console is available today in beta. You can enable it on your account by clicking here. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us on Twitter (@BoxPlatform), submit a question in the Box Developer Forum, or simply send feedback using the feedback tool in your new Box Developer Console.