New and improved Tasks and Notifications are now live!

If you've taken a gander at your Box web application, you might have noticed some enhancements. We're excited to share that key UI updates to the Tasks and Notifications web experiences are now live!

Helping you manage your actionable work

Having to keep track of all your different tasks can result in added stress in your day. Sorting through and remembering which files need review, which need sign-off, or which are a simple 'FYI' is a mental workload in itself, often done through ineffective mediums such as email and silo-ed task management systems. This often leads to missed deadlines, neglected tasks - and worse - potentially missed critical approvals.  

With our all new Tasks & Notifications updates, we're making it even easier for users to stay on top of their most important work: the all new Task Center allows users to view all your actionable work while the enhanced Notification Center helps you more easily keep track of relevant activities in Box. By separating actionable tasks separate from general notifications, we hope to make it easier to stay on top of your workload.

New Task Features

We've updated Box Tasks with a few key enhancements including:

  • New Task Center - In your Box navigation bar, you'll notice an all-new clipboard icon, which is our new Task Center. It allows users to see and complete all their tasks from one simple view. Get alerted when new tasks are assigned, complete tasks directly from the Task Center window, and see all your assigned tasks and sent tasks from a single view.
  • Improved Task Creation and Completion - with a more obvious Task button in the preview sidebar, users can more easily assign tasks from our new task types: 'General' for generic comments and 'Approve' for approval/rejection requirements
  • Better Approval Tracking - Users will see Approve/Reject statuses upon task completion, while the exportable User Activity reports will show the approval/rejection history, allowing businesses to better manage their audit trails.
  • Embedded in Box Relay workflows - users also have the ability to trigger tasks within a Relay workflow, furthering your process automation needs.

Updated Notifications UI

We also streamlined the Notifications UI on web (and soon mobile!). The Bell icon in the Box header now opens to show a single view of all new, relevant activity. See when people have added you to files or folders, and view comments on files you've interacted with or @mentioned.


These are just a few simple ways we are hoping to improve your ability to get work done in Box. We're excited to see what you do. Visit the Community site to learn more!

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