Meet Box's Grace Hopper Speakers and WIT Sponsors!

This week, Box Engineering is excited to have over 25 Boxers participate in the annual Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC), the world's largest gathering of women technologists. 10 of these Boxers will be conference speakers, covering a wide range of topics from "Demystifying the Tech Stack" to "Consumer IoT 2.0" to "How to Prepare for Your First Technical Interview" and more.

You can see all the speakers and their topics here:

  • "Consumer IoT 2.0-The Real Artificial Intelligence" with Prachi Jadhav (Senior Software Engineer on Partner Integrations team)
  • "Demystifying the Tech Stack: Backend vs. Frontend" with Helen Kuo (Senior Software Engineer on the Storage Service team) and Jackie Chen (Frontend Engineer on the Web Application team)
  • "Ensuring Only Ada Can Access Her GHC Proposal: An Introduction to Access Control Methods" with Joy Ebertz (Staff Software Engineer on the Service Architecture team)
  • "Solving for Localization through Open Source" with Jee Yi (Senior Software Engineer on Box products going global)
  • "How to Prepare for Your First Technical Interview" with Natasha Vinnik (Senior Engineering Manager leading the Enterprise team) and Sid Sidhu (Engineering Manager leading Productivity Engineering)
  • "Growing Your Career through Sponsorship" with Kelsey Dutton (Senior Software Engineer on Platform team)
  • "Beyond Women in Tech: Intersectionality and Workplace Diversity & Inclusion" with Megan Dalessio (Diversity and Inclusion Lead)
  • "Inclusion in the Valley: Why Are Diversity Conversations So Hard?" with Tamar Bercovici (Senior Engineering Director leading Content, Enterprise & DB Infrastructure teams)

Our SVP of Engineering and Box Co-Founder, Jeff Queisser, and our Women in Tech (WIT) executive sponsors Tamar Bercovici (Senior Engineering Director), Deanna Sousa (Director of Engineering leading Tech Ops teams), and Peipei Yu Pollmann (Director of Engineering Strategy and Operations) will also be at the Box booth to talk to Grace Hopper attendees about what we're doing at Box and opportunities on our Engineering teams. We hope you'll come out to our talks or our booth to meet these Boxers!

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