Let's talk about workflows: Easy ways to prevent bottlenecks

Let's talk about workflows: Easy ways to prevent bottlenecks

Bottlenecks in any process can cost your organization time and money. Blockers never seem to be the big, obvious things, but rather the small administrative and bureaucratic tasks that hold everything up until they’re completed. 

Bottlenecks often come in three different forms:

  • Not enough resources: you just don’t have enough, in either people or technology, to get things done without slowing down the entire organization
  • Underprepared employees: let’s face it, people are often the source of the bottleneck, in one way or another
  • Inefficient processes: the steps are onerous, time consuming, or frustrating

At Box, we want to help you streamline your processes and enable your teams to succeed. You need the right tools, seamless connectivity, and comprehensive training to get the job done. Here are ways we make it even easier to track the status of your critical processes.

See how Box Sign simplifies the e-signature process

From onboarding a vendor or employee, to initiating an e-signature via our Box for Salesforce integration, the contracting process has never been so simple. Native e-signatures in Box allow for maximum workflow efficiency.

For admins, the Box Sign dashboard provides quick insights into departmental usage and can help identify power users who can help share best practices across your organization. The Sign dashboard reports the progress across your enterprise of signature requests, and allows your lines of business to identify and track any bottlenecks or places to optimize the signature process. 

Box Sign Report

The Platform Activity Report shows you how your people work

Remote and hybrid work have changed how people interact with your company’s apps and integrations. Knowing how teams work can help your company make adjustments and streamline processes and expedite how your people get things done. The more data you have on how people are using your platform, the better you will be able to find and destroy the bottlenecks that are slowing you down.

The Platform Activity Report helps you understand which apps your teams are adopting and integrating into their daily work, which can help plan for your ongoing platform resourcing needs. The Platform Activity Report can aggregate activity from all connected services such as third-party integrations like Slack or Salesforce, or custom apps built by your organization such as OAuth 2.0 apps.

With the Platform Activity Report, you can:

  • Verify your company’s resource consumption
  • Know how your people are adopting and integrating Box
  • Track the growth and usage of any custom apps built on the Box platform
  • Identify your most used third-party integrations
Custom Apps Manager

Track your Box Relay workflows

Process blockers are often most evident in your workflows. Every one of your teams across all lines of business have processes to facilitate work and maintain efficiency. Whether it's project planning, onboarding a new customer or employee, or approving contracts, workflows are at the heart of your employee’s day-to-day activities.

We released Box Relay a couple of years ago to help improve those workflows. Relay enables workflow automation that allows Box power users to accelerate processes centered around content.

Box admins can generate usage activity reports for Relay. From the console, you can see reports on who has created, modified, or deleted a workflow in your organization.

As workflows are the highway system that direct what your people are doing, it’s important that they work as designed. You can audit your workflows with the workflow tracking page within the console, determining their status to see if they are in progress, completed, or stalled.

Box Relay Report

Box admins can use our various reporting and tracking tools and dashboards to finely slice the data on how content moves through the Content Cloud. Use this data to seek out and eliminate all the bottlenecks and process blockers that inhibit efficiency in your organization.

To learn more reporting best practices, check out this webinar.