Proud to be named a Leader in the Forrester New Wave for SaaS Cloud Content Platforms

Forrester New Wave for SaaS Cloud Content Platforms

We are thrilled to be positioned as a Leader in The ForresterNew Wave™: Cloud Content Platforms – Multitenant SaaS, Q3 2019!

Content Management, 100% Cloud

At Box, wehave always believed that the key to digital transformation is a content platform that is completely born in the cloud. Over the years, the way businesses operate has changed dramatically. They need to move faster, they're far more competitive, and their employees expect new, more user-friendly tools. Seamless collaboration between the internal and external enterprise has become a must. Companies that successfully go digital can reap real, measurable benefits  they reduce costs, increase quality of output, and shorten time-to-market, all the while having a stronger security posture.

Unfortunately, legacy on-premises software built for the 1990's, are structured in a way that does not sufficiently solve for all these demands and it is now holding people back from getting their work done efficiently. Our entire company is built on the power and scalability of the cloud in transforming how people work.

Forrester Research recognizes this trend towards the cloud. According to their latest projections, the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market in 2020 is estimated to be worth $11B and is growing globally at 9%(1). More importantly, cloud adoption is growing in ECM dramatically; in fact, 33% of overall ECM revenue will be software-as- a-service (SaaS) in 2019(2).  Said simply, the ECM market is large, it's growing, and cloud-based solutions are quickly moving to the forefront of conversations.

Forrester has recognized the growing and undeniable importance of the cloud. We are super excited that for the first time in more than fifteen years of ECM market analysis we get a first-ever, cloud-only look in this report. We believe Forrester's New Wave is a validation of how critical Cloud Content Management is in driving change and efficiency in how people work together.

Cheryl McKinnon - Forrester

Box as a Leader

In the New Wave for SaaS Cloud Content Platforms, Box has been recognized by Forrester as a Leader!  

Forrester notes that Box leads the pack with collaboration, security, and governance capabilities. Box offers comprehensive collaboration and document repository services buoyed by robust security capabilities such as key management and anomaly detection. 

By taking a user-centric approach, while recognizing the importance of frictionless, enterprise-grade security, we've been able to streamline work and enable innovation for organizations of any size and in any industry, no matter the amount of regulation.

Today, Box powers Cloud Content Management for more than 95,000 businesses around the world, including 70% of the Fortune 500. We deliver a single platform that powers both the Digital Workplace and Digital Business. Box enables Digital Workplace by making individual productivity easy with secure file storage, access and collaboration internally and with customers, partners, and suppliers. In addition, Box powers the Digital Business, being a central place for high-value content and a fully integrated platform to intelligently power workflow automation across enterprise systems.

Thank you to all our customers who helped us achieve this honor!

If you want to hear more about how companies are changing the way they work with Cloud Content Management, join us at BoxWorks! And download your own copy of the Forrester New Wave for SaaS Cloud Content Providers here


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  2. See the Forrester report “The Forrester New WaveTM: Cloud Content Platforms – Multitenant SaaS, Q3 2019”

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