Join our Beta for the new Box iOS SDK

Developers today are building products that increasingly power modern business processes across wealth management, insurance, healthcare, education and more. However, building content centric business processes for a mobile workforce requires new tools that simplify the development of enterprise grade applications. Today, iOS is the most widely used mobile platform in business, and it presents opportunities for enterprise developers to harness powerful new technologies, without additional technology investments. At Box, we want to make it even easier for developers to take advantage of these native platform capabilities when they use Box.

That’s why today, we’re excited to introduce the new mobile SDK for iOS. Our new iOS SDK has been built from the ground up with developers in mind. It leverages Swift, Apple’s modern iOS programming language and supports the latest third-party iOS developer frameworks including Cocoapods and Carthage. The new iOS SDK extends the power of Box API’s in an iOS developer friendly way and enables rich preview experiences by taking advantage of Apple’s native iOS file viewer. The SDK will be available generally to developers later this year and is built open source so developers can extend its capabilities in order to meet their specific enterprise needs.

Join our Beta for the new Box iOS SDK

With the new mobile SDK for iOS, enterprises have a new set of tools to power modern business processes that need to manage content in a mobile centric way:

  • Financial services companies can streamline the client on-boarding process for wealth management and simplify how customers collaborate on their loan applications using a custom mobile experience 
  • Insurance providers can transform the way claim agents and customers interact during the insurance claims process 
  • Retailers can simplify how they manage their store operations on mobile devices by streamlining how multimedia assets are managed at scale as well as consuming merchandising and training content.
  • Construction firms can power better collaboration for large-scale, multi-stakeholder engineering projects where designers, contractors & clients collaborate on project related content in a mobile centric way
  • Healthcare providers can manage patient information through a secure mobile experience, easily sharing that information with doctors, and enabling contextual communication between doctors and patients

The new mobile SDK for iOS will initially be available as a Beta release for enterprise developers building and integrating with Box Platform. Developers can sign up here for early access to our Beta program. Participants will get early access to documentation, developer support and the potential to be featured at upcoming Box events later this year. 

We’re excited about the possibilities of what customers build on the Box Platform with our new mobile SDK for iOS. Stay tuned for more!