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Did you know that 90% of business data is unstructured?*That’s everything from files and videos, to PDFs and spreadsheets. It’s your sales presentations, finance documents, marketing campaign briefs,product plans, and more. Within this unstructured data lies valuable information, but historically, extracting value from this data has proven a challenge.

Now, with the advancement of generative AI and the introduction of new large language models, you have a massive opportunity to apply intelligence to your organization’s unstructured data, transform your content strategy, and improve the way your teams work.

Introducing the beta release of Box AI

In May 2023, we announced Box AI, which is a powerful new suite of capabilities that natively integrates advanced AI models into the Content Cloud, while still applying Box’s enterprise-grade standards for security, compliance, and privacy. Since this announcement, we’ve worked with a small, dedicated group of customers including USAA, On Lok Senior Health Services, and Loxo Oncology to refine Box AI so that it meets the needs of our customers. We are now thrilled to announce that the beta releases of Box AI for Notes and Box AI for Documents are now available for all Box Enterprise Plus customers.

With Box AI, it’s easier than ever to uncover and share insights, find timely answers to critical questions, and effortlessly create content using your organization’s data in Box. With a simple click, you can apply AI to your content strategy and unlock the full potential of your unstructured data.

So, how can you get started?

Enhance note-taking with Box AI

With Box AI for Notes, teams can now create content in seconds with a simple prompt — or 10x content they’re already working with. Teams can also select content within a Box Note and refine it to be shorter, longer — or give it a different tone.

With Box AI for Notes, you can get started with the following use cases:

  • Marketing teams can effortlessly create new content, including blog posts, web copy, and captions, from scratch; or refine the tone of existing copy to, for example, better target IT decision makers
  • Human resource teams can tailor new hire onboarding documents to specific departments, ensuring new hires have the right resources to hit the ground running
  • Product teams can easily put together product guides and make them less technical to help customers without as much experience get started with new innovations
  • Law firms can get a start on drafting a brief on behalf of a client
  • Customer success teams can create surveys to better understand customer satisfaction from existing customers to improve the customer experience
  • And much more
Extract more value from your documents with Box AI

Teams can also use Box AI to ask questions about documents using natural language to get answers from content, derive insights from a spreadsheet, or summarize a presentation — all in seconds, and all with just a click.

With Box AI for Documents, you can get started with the following use cases:

  • Customer service teams can uncover insights from customer call transcripts to identify key areas for improvement
  • Legal teams can identify clauses and pertinent details within customer contracts
  • Sales teams can quickly find the right information from within an enablement document to help close a deal with a prospect
  • Marketing teams can surface potential questions a sales team might ask regarding a sales enablement presentation (and have answers ready)
  • Recruiters can draft job postings for any position based on internal documents such as meeting notes
  • And much more
We’re just getting started

Box AI for Notes and Box AI for Documents is all part of how we’re integrating Box AI across the Content Cloud. It’s at the heart of the Content Cloud, driving every aspect of content management including collaborating, categorizing, automating processes, and more.

Our commitment to security and privacy

The power of AI can’t be realized until organizations are certain that it can be done safely and securely. Guided by our AI Principles, Box AI builds on the platform-neutral framework that we’ve been developing for over a decade — which we will continue to enrich by applying the latest advanced intelligence models to the Content Cloud. Box AI is governed by Box’s built-in permissions and is designed to keep our customers in control of their data so users can only see and interact with the files and content they’re allowed to access.

Get started transforming your content strategy with AI

For all our Enterprise Plus customers, the beta release of Box AI for Notes and Box AI for Documents is now available. See how to easily enable them from your Admin Console in this Box Community article. And, most importantly, we need your feedback! Once you’ve enabled and used Box AI, if you have feedback please be sure to let us know on Pulse.

*Source: IDC White Paper, sponsored by Box, “Untapped Value: What Every Executive Needs to Know About Unstructured Data,” Doc #US51128223, August 2023

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