Introducing a new Admin Insights Dashboard and Metadata-Driven Retention

Business today is more agile and global than ever before. The shift in the way work gets done has led to a massive increase in business efficiency and team productivity, with more and more organizations leveraging the power of the extended enterprise. Now, every business is taking a hard look at how to transform their digital workplace and the modern business processes required to support it. Many IT and compliance teams find their existing systems and processes lack the flexibility, scalability, control and insights they need to keep data protected and users productive.

That's why today Box is launching a brand new Admin Insights Dashboard, new admin tour, and enhanced retention policies based on metadata, making it even easier for you to make the digital workplace work.

What is the Admin Insights Dashboard?

Box enables businesses to collaborate, protect and govern their data at scale by helping IT and admins better understand how and where work happens. The new Admin Insights Dashboard boosts user productivity with a behind-the-scenes look at where people work, how they collaborate and how their key systems work with Box.

IT will now have valuable insights about Box usage right at their fingertips. Starting today, Box admins can make their organizations even more productive with the new Admin Insights Dashboard and first time user experience to gain:

  • Enhanced visibility. Quickly see where Box is accessed globally, the most popular integrations and key user activities.
  • Increased productivity. Understand how people work and collaborate in Box, ensuring you maximize user efficiency and Box ROI.
  • Simplified processes. Easily onboard and train new admins, and manage your content and collaboration — with minimal IT effort.

What is Metadata-Driven Retention?

Box continues to disrupt the ECM market by enabling enterprises to move business processes involving sensitive and regulated content to the cloud. With metadata-driven retention, businesses can transform their governance strategy, one that previously required costly and cumbersome legacy tools. No one else gives enterprises the right mix of content intelligence, collaboration, management, security and governance.

With Box, you can simplify and streamline how you stay compliant and protect your organization's data. The new retention capabilities also help you continue to sunset legacy content systems and centralize where content-based processes occur with:

  • Simple, yet powerful controls. Easily retain content where users work on it, helping you move more of your business to the cloud and away from legacy ECM systems.
  • Flexible and scalable policies.Customizable, metadata-based policies easily retain unstructured data at the file level in Box.
  • Enhanced data protection.Streamline policy enforcement to take the burden off admins and users — and ensure compliance.

Make the digital workplace work

Get started with the new Admin Insights Dashboard and Metadata-driven retention! Log into your admin console and switch over to the new admin experience. This will open up the new Admin Insights Dashboard for all Box customers and enable the Metadata-Driven Retention capabilities for Governance customers. There's no obligation to stay in the new UI if you make the switch, so give it a try and see what you can find out about your business! Developers will have access to the Metadata-Driven Retention APIs and SDKs as well.

Learn more about Box IT & Admin Controls, check out our Admin and Governance Community Pages, or reach out to your CSM or account team.