Introducing Box API Navigator

Box’s API provides a number of different capabilities to handle files in an application. From uploading a file to displaying a file to searching for files, different endpoints of our API can be chained together to power a file component of any application. But sometimes, it can be hard to understand how these different endpoints fit together and how they might help you in an application you’re building.

Today, we're excited to introduce a new tool for developers called API Navigator. API Navigator is a web application that allows you to explore how Box Platform can be integrated into an application using our APIs.

Check out the video below to get an overview of API Navigator:

API Navigator allows you to interact with Box Platform's content management services and see corresponding API requests and responses in real-time. You can use API Navigator to learn how Box Platform services like metadata, search, watermarking, preview, and more could work in an application you're building. API Navigator's split view allows you to see an example user interface on one side and the corresponding API requests and responses on the other side.

API Navigator is available today to any developer who wants to learn more about using our API. To get started, click here, or head to We'd love to hear your feedback on how we can improve this tool. You can feel free to reach out to us on Twitter (@BoxPlatform).