We've brought Google Docs, Sheets and Slides into Box

You asked for it, and it's officially here! We're excited to announce that the rollout for the highly-anticipated Box for G Suite integration is currently underway. The integration will be made available over the coming weeks and will be fully rolled out to all customers by mid-January. Box for G Suite is the product of close collaboration between the Box and Google Cloud teams, and we couldn't be more thrilled to share it with our customers. 

As organizations expand their technology stacks, critical information becomes dispersed across multiple tools and applications, making it difficult to secure and manage. To tackle this problem, we've teamed up with Google to create a unique solution that centralizes G Suite content to one secure hub in Box and also boosts employee productivity and collaboration.

Box for G Suite provides teams with the flexibility to use the tools that work best for their needs. For the first time ever, users can enjoy all the benefits of G Suite's rich content creation and editing capabilities with peace of mind that their Docs, Sheets and Slides are automatically saved and managed in Box. IT can then ensure that consistent security, compliance and governance measures are applied to all content across the organization.

We've brought Google Docs, Sheets and Slides into Box

Customers that joined the Box for G Suite public beta announced at BoxWorks 2018 are seeing immediate value within their organizations. 

"Before we started using Box for G Suite, we had content in multiple locations, teams using different tools," says Atticus Tysen, CIO at Intuit. "Box for G Suite has allowed us to enable our global workforce to pick the right tools for collaboration but also have all the information stored in one place so it’s easy to govern and it’s easy to manage."

It's been an incredible journey partnering with Google on this integration, and we're proud of what both teams have accomplished. With today's release of Box for G Suite, both Box and Google have taken a monumental step forward in our shared goal of transforming how organizations work in the cloud.

The Box for G Suite rollout is currently underway and will be completed by mid-January. To get started with the integration, visit the Box for G Suite Community Page. Learn more about G Suite here or try it free for 15 days.