Get more visibility across the Content Cloud with the new Admin Insights

We think data rules, especially when it empowers admins to be even more proactive problem solvers!

Today, we’re excited to introduce the new Admin Insights UI in the Box Admin Console. This feature provides admins with valuable and actionable information about how, where, and when content is being accessed and utilized across Box. Imagine you suddenly see unusual activity in a location atypical to your business. You can investigate quickly with Admin Insights and gain visibility into user details such as, role, permissions and collaborations to make an informed decision. You may quickly see it’s an employee on the sales team accessing and working on their own content, and rest assured everything is fine.  

Admin Insights UI in the Box Admin Console

Know what’s happening with your content, identify issues, act fast

According to recent findings from IDC, 98% of companies with mostly or completely centralized content know what information lies inside their content.¹ On the other hand, only 4% of companies with mostly or completely siloed content know what information lies inside their business content.¹

Since content is so core to mission-critical business processes, it’s important that to keep it centralized, know what’s in it, and understand how it’s being leveraged across the entire content journey.

Think for a minute about all the content generated across your business. It’s being generated constantly by every employee. This year alone, it’s projected that businesses will create, capture, copy, and consume 120 Zetabyes.² This includes various types of content across the enterprise, such as sales collateral for closing deals, new marketing campaigns aimed at driving revenue, critical legal contracts, and much more.

Monitoring this vast amount of data is crucial in order to identify issues promptly and take necessary action. Last year, 83% of companies experienced one or more data breaches.³ Having visibility into your business's content is paramount for maintaining security.

"Admin Insights helps me monitor our content and ultimately coach users on security and their exposure of content externally"  

— Dominque Gowens, Hendrick Automotive Group  

Make data-driven decisions faster with Admin Insights

Today’s new features provide admins with analytics, visualizations, and calls to action. These tools offer transparency into organizational activities and allow admins to efficiently investigate abnormal activities from a single platform. With these enhancements, admins can easily answer questions such as:

  • How many external unmanaged users with my domain are accessing enterprise files and folders?
  • How much and what type of content is being stored?  
  • Are shared links open to individuals outside our enterprise without an expiration date?
  • How many users have a license, are we in overage?
  • Is there activity in locations where we aren’t doing business?  

Being able to promptly address these questions and take immediate action regarding user activity and content could have a huge impact on the way your organization responds to threats. It could mean the difference between effectively managing risks and optimizing operations internally, or having to publicly disclose an incident or breach that could harm the business.

Get ready for even more visibility with Platform Insights

We are also excited to announce Platform Insights, a new feature that will assist you in gaining a better understanding of how your enterprise utilizes custom applications. This user-friendly dashboard is easily accessible within the Admin Insights experience and offers visualizations on API call volume, app charges, monthly active users, pending application approvals, and more. By having these insights readily available, you can proactively identify important data points, trends, and anomalies related to your enterprise's custom app usage. Platform Insights will be generally available for Box Platform customers starting in October.

Platform Insights will be generally available for Box Platform customers starting in October.

Empower your organization with insights

Knowing what’s in your content and having the ability to monitor activity, identify issues quickly, and take data-driven action is crucial for maintaining security in an era where data breaches are all too common. With the new Admin Insights, we expect you’ll reach a new level of empowerment with increased visibility and insights across the entire content journey so you and your teams can make informed decisions, save time, and stay ahead of potential threats.

We invite you to try out Admin Insights today, now available for Business plan customers in the Box Admin Console. Please also join us on October 11 at BoxWorks for our session, “How increased visibility is essential to securing your enterprise,” where you’ll see a demo of Admin Insights and hear from industry leaders and Box subject matter experts.

¹Source: IDC White Paper, Sponsored by Box, “Untapped Value: What Every Executive Needs to Know About Unstructured Data,” Doc. US51128223, August 2023

²Source: Statista, “Amount of data created, consumed, and stored 2010-2020, with forecasts to 2025,” August 22, 2023

³Source: IBM, “What is a data breach?”

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