Get more value from your content with Pressly + Box

Here’s a fact that won’t surprise you: enterprise companies generate a lot of content. The role it plays is both important and undeniable — employees use it to share knowledge, marketing uses it to generate leads, and sales uses it to close deals. But a report by SiriusDecisions last year showed that 65% of the enterprise content being created each year goes unused. Yikes!

Pressly has been hard at work building a platform that solves that problem — content hubs that help you get more value from the content you create. We make it easy to build compelling content experiences for employees, customers, and stakeholders, and dramatically improve the reach of your content using powerful distribution tools that provide rich insight into the performance and ROI of each content piece.

And the best part? It works seamlessly with Box.

Large enterprise companies around the world like Salesforce, Deloitte, and Coca-Cola use Pressly for improving internal communication with their employees, engaging their customers with content, and making sure their sales teams have the latest industry news and product information.

Content can be created directly on the Pressly platform or uploaded from your computer or Box account. We support a wide range of formats, including documents, images, PDFs, videos, and audio files, all of which can be added to your hub with the click of a mouse and made available to as many (or as few) people as you want to share with.

Here’s what you need to know:

Pressly content hubs work like a front-end for your Box content

Create your hub, upload your most important pieces of content to it, add a little design magic to make it beautiful, and now you’ve got a central destination where people can find, share, and discuss the content that matters to them. Hubs can live both inside and outside of your organization, so the possibilities are endless.

Powerful distribution tools at your fingertips — no coding required

Content is most valuable when it’s moving, so we help you do that too. Create drag and drop newsletters to share the latest content with whoever needs it, or use our automated newsletter service to ensure everybody is kept in the loop as new content from Box is added to a hub. Pressly also makes it easy to improve the reach of your content by sharing it over social media with a single click, or by embedding a content widget on your website to keep your content front and center on any web property.

Rich content analytics give you insight into engagement and ROI of your Box content

Our content analytics and insights go far beyond click-rates so you can get a better understanding of who is reading, sharing, and what content is converting. Plus, we’re taking the guesswork out of content optimization by delivering document-level insight into what pages readers are viewing, clicking, and highlighting.

How can Pressly be used?

Internal Company Communication: Internal company hubs help you build a more connected, engaged, and productive workforce by giving your team a central place to find the information they need, discuss company news, and stay connected to the business, no matter which industry you’re in.

PruittHealth, a leading provider of healthcare services across 190 locations in the United States, turned to Pressly to keep their employees engaged and up-to-date with the latest company news, content, and announcements. Rather than relying on traditional email communication which is one-directional and lacks engagement tracking, they turned to Pressly to create a central destination for their employees that was accessible from both their computers and mobile devices. To date, over 40% of their employees log in on a monthly basis and engagement with content has improved by over 28%.

Sales Enablement: Transform your sales team into the trusted advisors your customers seek by arming them with the latest product information, industry news, and conversion-focused content. Whether you’re in financial services, consulting, or telecom, if you’ve got a large distributed team of salespeople asking, “Where can I find that again?”, then it’s time to centralize your assets using Pressly.

Content Marketing: Content hubs are a powerful tool for giving your customers and prospects a central destination to discover, engage, and discuss your content. Keep your most important content pieces surfaced and track the ROI of each content piece, so you know what’s working.

Deloitte uses Pressly to bring together their network of practitioners to curate and create thought leadership content on the topics that matter most to their clients using their Exponentials and Future of Finance content hubs. Clients and others within the firm can join the hubs with the click of a mouse and subscribe to receive automated weekly newsletters (powered by Pressly) from Deloitte experts. And Deloitte receives detailed analytics and insight into who is clicking, sharing, and engaging with their content.

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