Five of Our Product Team's Favorite Box Features

In life, we all know sometimes it's the little things that matter most. At the end of the year, it could be finding that perfect holiday gift for a friend. Or maybe it's face-planting onto the couch at the end of a long day.

Our product team is always busy building big stuff like the new Box files experience or integrations with Microsoft Office, but along the way, certain small features have stood out to the people who know the nooks and crannies of Box the best. We asked the team about their favorite features - here's what they said!

Access stats - Jenica Blechschmidt, Senior Product Manager, Workflow
As a PM, I create a lot of strategy docs, specs, product training materials and presentations. Each piece of content takes away valuable time from pushing the product forward, so it's awesome to know what content is being used/accessed a lot (and by whom) vs the content that I made for no reason. I find it helps me focus on what is most important to my team.

Collaboration invite link - Jessica Fain, Product Manager, Governance
Let's say you have a folder that you know a bunch of people need to join. You can enable a collab invite and email it to a group of people; clicking on the link automatically adds them as a collaborator on the folder without having to add them one by one manually. I sent a collab link to our moms@box listserve so we could start a group folder - it was so easy!

Collaborate with a group - Ketki Duvvuru, Senior Product Manager, Admin Console
One of my favorite features in Box is the ability to collaborate with a group of users at once. My admin has already imported all of our email lists as Box groups, so it's easy for me to find my team's group by typing in the first few letters--"core" for the core-enterprise-PM's--and share my work with the entire team of seven in one go. Plus, when our new hire starts next week, he can easily be added as a member of the group and instantly have access to all of our previous content. This way, he can immediately begin to ramp up without having to wait to gain access to individual folders!

Box Edit - Nicole Salzman, Product Operations
My favorite feature is Box Edit. I love that I can make quick changes and updates to a document without having to download and re-upload it. It saves me a ton of time! I use it when I'm preparing a PowerPoint presentation and have to make quick edits to a few slides. I can open it in Box Edit, make my few changes, and the changes save automatically on top of the previous version.

Box Notes - Justin Peng, Product Manager, Core Product
One of the most critical responsibilities I have is writing - specs, documentation, and design documents - but the content I produce needs to be easily reviewed, edited, and commented on by my teammates and other stakeholders. Box Notes allows me to produce documents in a way that's collaborative from the beginning, making it simple to share and gather feedback. I can even access my Notes on mobile for quick edits, and will soon be able to do so straight from my desktop!