Extending the power of Box with custom development

With cloud content management from Box, enterprises for the first time get one platform, born in the cloud, that manages the full lifecycle of content in order to digitize end-to-end business processes. This approach leverages the cloud as a single source of truth in a way that connects a company's internal systems with business processes and content experiences, allowing companies to work across their extended ecosystem that includes customers, partners, vendors and employees. 

Today we're seeing companies such as Broadcom, Eli Lilly, Allstate and others transform their businesses by adopting Box not just as a tool for sharing files, but as a platform for content management to power their critical business processes across the entire enterprise. As companies continue to move further down this transformation path, custom development with Box Platform starts to play an increasingly important role in their digital transformation journey. Box content API's are some of the most versatile tools in the Box toolkit and by leveraging Box Platform, companies can extend the functionality of Box to build solutions around Box's native content capabilities. This can help address business problems associated with revenue as well as operational and compliance pains across a variety of use cases.

Extending the power of Box with custom development

Financial Services

Financial Services companies for example can use custom development with Box platform to power a number of use cases including deal management for M&A. In this use case, an investment banking team can set up a deal folder in Box which serves as a secure document vault. Content would also need to flow through any internal deal processes or systems which is accomplished through custom-built integrations that leverage Box API's. Once the deal related information is ready, using Box's granular access permissions, curated content is then shared with external partners for review and approval.

Extending the power of Box with custom development

Life Sciences

Life sciences companies work with outside contract research organizations (CRO) that provide research services outsourced on a contract basis These contract firms perform services such as clinical trials, FDA submission writing and other technical services. Once these services are completed, the CRO needs to submit the finished product back to its client in an automated and system based approach. By leveraging a customized Box solution, these firms can automate the ingestion of information received from CRO's, unpack the content and move it to a back end repository. In this use case Box API's can programmatically power a single content layer to handle not only content ingestion but also back end archival. At the same time, the front end CRO experience can be tailored via a custom built experience on Box Platform that CRO's use to interact with their clients, streamlining the user experience around the validation process.

Extending the power of Box with custom development


Today's manufacturing companies increasingly operate in a distributed manufacturing model. They design products in house but outsource the actual fabrication of these devices to contract manufacturing partners that work on highly sensitive schematic or actual product materials. Often times manufacturers have no way to validate that their contract vendors have the most up to date information leading to costly mistakes and increased production life cycles. By leveraging custom development with Box, manufacturers can now integrate directly into their product lifecycle management systems and intelligently surface information to specified vendors with the right permissions through a custom built content experience. This use case results in increased speed to market through better visibility and traceability into the manufacturing process as well as savings resulting from reduced manufacturing mistakes from contract manufacturers.

The common thread in all of these examples is that these are critical processes in an organization that require content to be ingested, analyzed, shared across multiple stakeholders with varied level of access, and flow through various line of business systems. Box Platform partners with a number of technology partners to help enterprises transform content centric business processes in the cloud in a manner that is more open, customizable and scalable. Additionally, Box's extended digital business capabilities such as metadata, workflow, skills, and governance provides a sophisticated cloud content management solution to help enterprises complete their digital transformation. To learn more about custom development with Box Platform, check out our most recent webinar on custom development with Box

For more details on Box Platform and our Content Services APIs, you can also check out our developer resources at developer.box.com

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