Empowering Government Agencies across the World with the New Box for Government Solution

Today I'm excited to announce Box's newest industry initiative, "Box for Government." We've achieved FedRAMP compliance, making it possible for government agencies to securely and confidently manage all of their content in the cloud using Box. With FedRAMP compliance, product offerings and an extensive ecosystem of partners, we can provide the right tools for government agencies to tackle the challenges that are slowing productivity and efficiency in serving citizens at the Federal, State and Local levels.

Box for government is the latest industry solution tailored specifically for federal local and state government agencies. Box is not FedRAMP compliant.

Historically, government agencies have relied on on-premise systems to manage their data, but these technologies do not satisfy the needs of increasingly digital and mobile employees and more frequent cross-agency mission requirements. On-premise solutions can be costly to maintain and can hinder the ability of government employees to work quickly, efficiently and securely with stakeholders across agency boundaries and across all types of devices. For example, law enforcement officials investigating a crime need to collaborate instantly across Federal, State and Local jurisdictions. Protection of our air, waterways and environmental resources requires close coordination between policy-making and enforcement officials, and many agencies, non-profits and private organizations need to work together to help small businesses grow. In each case, access to the the right technologies and platforms can significantly benefit mission critical outcomes. 

Box empowers agencies to solve some of the toughest business problems with technology designed to empower government employees to create, access and collaborate with their information, while ensuring government data remains secure. Over 6,500 government agencies across the globe already use Box today, including the U.S. Department of Justice, the US Department of Commerce, the States of New York, California, Washington, Florida, the United Nations, and International government entities in Europe and Canada. 

The Box for government solution leverages the core Box modern content platform, with additional advanced security and information management capabilities, products and services and an ecosystem of pre-developed integrations with partners like IBM, Salesforce and Microsoft to help agencies implement end-to-end mission solutions. Some of the key capabilities of the Box for Government solution are:

With Box for Government, government agencies can leverage Box as their single solution to securely manage content, enabling them to instantly and securely share information from anywhere on any any device, and build custom applications.

Learn more about how Box can help government agencies by viewing our Box for Government white paper, attend one of our upcoming webinars, or connect with the Box for Government team by contacting us.

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