Embracing generative AI opportunities with Box AI and NVIDIA microservices

Recent trends have showcased a remarkable surge in generative AI technologies. From ChatGPT’s explosive growth, to enterprises worldwide deploying new AI solutions, the industry is witnessing an unprecedented shift toward leveraging these new advanced capabilities.

Today’s NVIDIA NIM microservices announcement, available as part of the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform, showcases this momentum, offering even more solutions to expedite generative AI deployments within organizations. Innovations like these will help developers like us more easily collaborate with various AI models and capabilities within Box AI to improve how customers can unleash the value of their unstructured content.

Amid this era of transformative technological progress, Box has been supporting and experimenting with new AI technology for nearly a decade. Last year, we unveiled Box AI, our suite of capabilities that natively integrates advanced AI models into the Box Content Cloud (now generally available!). Guided by our AI Principles, we built Box AI on the company’s platform-neutral framework, allowing customers to benefit from this collective wave of innovation. 

“Enterprises today want to work with strategic technology platforms that can help them work smarter and more productively, while keeping their most important information safe and secure,” said Ben Kus, CTO at Box. “With generative AI innovating at a rapid pace, we are committed to providing technology that organizations of any size can rely on. Box has been collaborating with NVIDIA to not only simplify, but also accelerate how organizations can leverage AI to transform their business.”

“To put generative AI to work for their customers, content platforms like Box need to be able to run inference efficiently at scale so that enterprises can get the most out of their data and AI strategies,” said Kari Briski, Vice President of AI software at NVIDIA. “The collaboration between NVIDIA NIM and Box AI can help provide businesses with a reliable and flexible platform for supercharging production AI.”

Containerized AI software like NVIDIA NIM microservices can help enterprises use Box AI for better insights, security, and velocity. Building on NVIDIA’s latest developments, we’re thrilled to explore new ways to enhance our customers’ AI experience. As Box enters a new chapter where we take an open approach to powering intelligent business processes, with top-notch security and compliance, we aim to:

  • Streamline how Box leverages embedding models and the LLMs that underpin Box AI across our environment to reduce complexity and accelerate deployments so customers can quickly benefit from Box AI capabilities;
  • Continue to enable our customers to retain full control over their sensitive data and how AI is used to secure and govern it across their organizations;
  • Take advantage of the latest and most relevant generative AI models so enterprises across all industries can best meet their diverse and evolving needs;
  • Empower enterprises with industry-leading latency and processing to help them scale their use of Box AI in a cost-effective way;
  • Drive performance and iterate on model accuracy as we enhance Box AI’s capabilities to benefit our customers across the globe.

The rapid evolution of generative AI technology has paved the way for exciting advancements in the enterprise. Box is committed to empowering organizations with the ability to harness the power of AI to unlock the value stored in their content. Our collaboration with NVIDIA underscores the importance of the industry working together to empower customers as they seek smarter workflows and enhanced productivity in today’s dynamic landscape. As we continue on this trajectory, it is clear that embracing generative AI will not only revolutionize how businesses operate but also unlock endless possibilities for growth and success in an increasingly digital world.

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