The Content Cloud nets 332% ROI, Forrester study reveals

The Content Cloud nets 332% ROI, Forrester study reveals

Content is at the heart of your business, and there's no shortage of content management vendors pining for your attention. But with so many solutions on the market — and some appearing to be "free" (hint: they're not), how can you tell which one actually delivers? 

We commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study* and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) of deploying the Content Cloud. Results revealed that customers experienced present value benefits (PV, or total savings) of $15.39 million over three years —versus implementation costs of $3.67 million. That amounts to a net present value (NPV, or net savings) of $11.83 million and an ROI of 332%.* Further, the time to break even on costs for implementing Box was less than six months. Talk about stellar returns!

Dive into the financial data to see how much your company can expect to save in the full Forrester-commissioned study here.

Before moving to Box, our customers reported to Forrester that content had been siloed in network share drives and legacy enterprise content management (ECM) systems. This led to challenges like poor UX and external collaboration, limited remote and mobile access, file type and size restrictions, and a pressing need to consolidate. What's more, outdated systems left sensitive information exposed to security threats, placed a heavier burden on IT staff, and slowed down productivity.

Once our customers began securely managing content in the Content Cloud with Box, they reported a number of benefits, including:

  • IT cost savings from retiring legacy systems: Migrating from costly, cumbersome on-premises storage systems to the Content Cloud saved these organizations millions. Further, customers report a reduced administrative headcount need (0.5 to 1 full-time employees with Box, versus 5 to 12 with legacy systems).
  • Lower risk of data breaches and easy monitoring of dangerous content access:Box Shield prevents leaks of sensitive data with content classifications and controls, all without impeding user productivity. Box Shield also monitors content access patterns of departing employees, ensuring they don’t steal proprietary company info when leaving their jobs.
  • Cost savings in security and compliance: Our built-in security and compliance capabilities allowed surveyed organizations to decommission third-party vendors that were tasked with overseeing and certifying policies. Customers in the most regulated industries strengthened their compliance postures with built-in certifications for FINRA, ISO, FedRAMP, ITAR, Dod-IL4 compliance, and more.
  • Improved ease of data governance: Box Governance allowed these customers to save time and resources on preparing for data governance audits and managing data compliance. Having one platform to securely govern all content provedmuch simpler than previous legacy environments, which are fragmented across multiple systems.
  • End user productivity gains: Organizing, accessing, and searching for content anytime and from any device streamlinedhow employees got work done. Seamless collaboration across any file type and size also simplifiedexternal sharing with third parties.
  • Time savings with Box Relay workflow automation: The ability to automate routine, content-centric workflows (employee on-boarding/off-boarding, document reviews and approvals, etc.) saved tens of thousands of hours per year otherwise lost to manual tasks.

We created the Content Cloud to give companies one secure place to manage the entire content journey, from file creation to collaboration, sharing, approvals, signature, and retention. Our platform empowers teams, partners, and customers to work together from any location, and on any device or app they choose. By working in the Content Cloud, our customers get more from their files while protecting critical data.

This Forrester TEI study is the latest in a series of analyst recognitions of Box. These include:

Want to understand how much your organization can save with Box? View the full TEI study here and use our ROI calculator here.. Answer a few online questions about your unique business needs, and receive a free, downloadable ROI estimate from Forrester about the benefits you’ll experience in the Content Cloud.

*Commissioned study conducted on behalf of Box by Forrester Consulting (April 2021); totals based on a composite organization of 5,000 employees