Constant Change is the Steady State

Box CIO Paul Chapman explains how IT teams must transform

The biggest risk facing organizations today? Not taking risks.

The workplace is changing – and it’s changing fast, all the time. As Box CIO Paul Chapman explains in his Box Virtual Summit keynote, IT strategies that worked for decades are no longer viable; they were developed at a time when employees worked very differently. Collaboration took place in a physical location and working remotely was a rare occurrence – or, with VPN, a tedious one.

Now, to stay productive, teams need to work together from anywhere, on any device, at any time.

Watch Paul Chapman, CIO of Box, explain why and how IT must evolve

If the last ten years of IT have been about changing the way you work, then the next ten years will be about embracing a new style of business. Here are the five dynamics that are transforming the way you work:

  1. New work styles. Employees are more mobile, collaborative and connected than ever before. Work happens everywhere, all the time.
  2. Cybersecurity. Due to increasing online threats, companies of all sizes are having to face – and protect themselves against – unprecedented security challenges.
  3. Digitization. Companies are trying to figure out how they can digitize their business processes and connect in new ways.
  4. Globalization. Business has become global and borderless, driving companies to seek proven solutions for sharing content with customers, suppliers, partners and employees regionally and worldwide.
  5. Cloud. The cloud has become such a dominant paradigm that, by 2020 – only four years from now – deploying on-premises technology will be a fringe activity.

To align with these dynamics, companies need to make change their steady state, and here are five compelling ways you can accomplish that:

  • Differentiate: Be tenaciously focused on supporting what makes your company stand out.
  • Be intuitive: Bring consumer experiences to your business, making it more user friendly.
  • Be intelligent: Automate and digitize business processes, helping you use your time wisely.
  • Interconnect: Reach beyond the organization to customers and partners so they can contribute.
  • Give up: Let go of the ownership bias, and lose your fear of the cloud by learning more about it.

We get it – transforming digitally and moving your company to the cloud can be scary, especially if you have a slim IT team. You have valid concerns about scalability, regulatory compliance and data security. However, when it comes to digital transformation, there’s a big difference between getting by and getting ahead.

Companies getting by with outdated or incomplete solutions often find that their teams are using unsecure, consumer-grade alternatives, which can result in data leakage or compromised IP. Organizations that are getting ahead, however, see not only better adherence to secure, approved solutions – like Box – but also greater returns due to increased employee productivity and satisfaction.

To learn more about how you can confidently transform your company to digital, watch our “Living in the Clouds: The New Style of IT” keynote by Paul Chapman, CIO at Box.