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In a world of remote work and workers, it's critical that enterprises equip their employees with the proper tools to do their jobs from anywhere. Box has over 1,500 app integrations, and these integrations with our partners provide employees with the ability to be productive and get work done. 

As we announced in July, Google and Box are reinforcing our partnership with updates to the Box for Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) integration that will enable seamless workflows between our two platforms. Despite the challenges that COVID-19 has imposed upon the collective workplace and workforce, know that you can work confidently and securely from anywhere by using Box and Google's products together. We're thrilled to share that these new capabilities are now available to joint customers like ATB Financial and Broadcom. 

“Using Box enables our team members to use apps of choice while using Box as the secure, single source of truth for all content,” said Barry Hensch, Senior Vice President, Technology Enablement, at ATB Financial. “Our team members particularly appreciate the Box for Google Workspace integration, which we use when collaborating on critical customer processes such as loan origination, mortgage renewals, account openings, and more. The combination of Box and Google helps to power more secure, seamless processes across our organization and for our customers.”

"Using the Box for Google Workspace integration really helps to improve productivity and work across our teams," said CK Lim, senior IT manager at Broadcom. "Our employees use Box together with Google Workspace for creating, co-editing, and sharing content securely with internal and external teams. Being able to collaborate in the cloud makes it incredibly easy for users to work from anywhere in real-time without compromising on security."

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Save Google files to Box

Employees often use multiple applications to get their work done. Each of these applications has its own content repository, resulting in content becoming fragmented across multiple applications. This latest feature allows you to prevent that type of content fragmentation by enabling you to save Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides started in Google Drive into Box. This allows all content to be consolidated into Box so that you can have one single source of truth for all content. Saving your Google files to Box also ensures that they will be protected by Box's enterprise-level security, so you can have more peace of mind. 

Simplify sharing in Google Workspace Editors

The Box for Google Workspace integration now allows for more seamless sharing within the Google Editors in Box. This new enhancement enables users to invite people and set their Box collaborator levels, create a Box shared link, and apply the correct settings all from within Google Workspace editors. This grants the ability to share your work to the colleagues of your choice, who can then access that file from any device -- and all of this remains within the secure Box ecosystem. 

Check out the Box for Google Workspace integration today! To learn more about how to use the integration, please visit the Box Support page. We are constantly working to improve our products and customer experience. Please reach out to your Box and Google account teams if you have any questions, comments, or other feedback for us. We'd love to hear from you! 

Find out more information on our partnership with Google here