Box Zones is coming to Toronto!

We're excited to announce that we are expanding the Box Zones network to Toronto, in partnership with IBM Cloud. Canadian organizations will be able to address their data privacy and data residency concerns by keeping their encrypted-at-rest content completely in Canada.

With Box Zones, organizations are keeping their data local — in Canada, Europe, Asia, or Australia. As we continue to grow our Zones network, we're focused on making sure organizations across the globe have the security and compliance tools they need to fully leverage the power of the cloud, whether it be with Box Zones, Box KeySafe, which lets companies manage their own encryption keys, or Box Governance, which enables effective information governance.

Zones Toronto represents another milestone in the IBM | Box partnership. Box Relay, our new workflow tool co-developed with IBM, became generally available this week, and we recently announced Box Skills, which will bring more intelligence to Box using the services of IBM Watson.

Box Zones in Toronto will go live by year-end. To learn more about Box Zones, visit our website, or download the Zones datasheet.