Transform your business with the all-new Box Consulting portfolio

Box Consulting Portfolio

The way the world works is shifting — again. To remain competitive, organizations need to adapt to an entirely new way of working, one that’s hybrid, connected, and people-first. To help organizations accomplish this, I’m pleased to announce the all-new Box Consulting portfolio launching today, completely redesigned to empower any organization, no matter where they are in their digital journey, to achieve their Content Cloud goals. This exciting announcement also includes two brand-new services programs focused on both Box success and business transformation.

The trends of the last few years are changing. Remote work is shifting to hybrid work. Tech stacks built hastily in reaction to urgent global change are out, and a simple, connected, intentional technology ecosystem is in. Employee experience is of utmost importance, and with that the design of people-first, digital-friendly workplaces. And at the center of it all is content, whether it’s the latest sales contract, the 6-month product roadmap, or the output of your team brainstorm — your content is what makes your business unique.

But your content has to work for you. Box Consulting has collaborated with thousands of organizations to deliver over ten thousand successful content management projects, helping organizations succeed with the Content Cloud. Our customers — like AstraZeneca, Toyota, and Fanatics — are on the cutting edge of their industries. Together, we’ve created scalable and secure content infrastructure, simplified and connected tech stacks, and created user adoption programs that work.

“As an organization going through many mergers and acquisitions, it’s critical for us to have a scalable content foundation upon which to integrate new businesses. With Box Consulting, we created a roadmap to build for scale, including tool consolidation and data migration, making it easy to move quickly as our business grows.”

Stanley Toh, Head of Enterprise End User Services & Experience at Broadcom

Today, Box is ready to help with this next major work upheaval. With Box Consulting:

  • Adapt to hybrid work by deploying tools and automating processes to help teams work together seamlessly, no matter where they are, backed by the security of the Content Cloud
  • Reduce tech sprawl by consolidating applications and file servers into a single content platform — then integrating into, or building, the other tools your users need
  • Create a people-first work environment by designing your tools and workflows around your users — and working with them to create change

With the all-new Box Consulting portfolio, organizations can leverage a proven approach to solve common challenges with Standardized Consulting Services, or design a project that meets their own unique needs through the Customized Consulting Services program. No matter what the best next step is, Box Consulting can help — whether simple or complex, large or small, common or unique.

Box Consulting Portfolio

As a part of this new portfolio, we’re also unveiling two new Standardized Consulting Services programs that organizations can take advantage of today.

First, we’re excited to launch the Transform Services program. This strategic consulting program is focused on driving business transformation on the most critical challenges organizations today are facing. By partnering with Box’s most seasoned experts, organizations will create their own comprehensive content management roadmap. Plus, these offerings include flexible project hours, meaning that once the roadmap is defined, organizations can begin tackling projects immediately with the experts from Box Consulting.

With these new Transform Services packages, it’s easy for:

  • Executives who are looking to quickly grow and scale their businesses to partner with Box to centralize and consolidate content (via Box Shuttle!) into a secure, scalable content foundation
  • Information security teams who are managing complex security and compliance requirements to work with Box to develop a robust content security program that refutes threats and reduces risk
  • Departmental leaders that are rationalizing processes within a hybrid workforce to leverage Box expertise to reimagine any content process, across departments and lines of business, whether onboarding, approval, or signature workflows
  • IT organizations with complex, disconnected tech stacks and unique content-centric needs to build with Box to make their content productive in any tool they own – or any tool they need to build
  • Organizations who are trying to improve employee satisfaction and design a people-first work environment to drive change with Box Consulting through comprehensive user engagement programs and training initiatives

Additionally, we are excited to unveil a reimagined Content Cloud professional services program, which empowers any organization to accelerate their time to value with the Box platform. Designed with a focus on both effective implementation and user adoption, this services program consists of two categories to help customers reach and exceed their Content Cloud goals. Enable Services help organizations become content experts themselves through hands-on training and guidance from cloud experts. Deploy Services help organizations go quickly from idea to ROI through managed deployment services for any Box product or feature.

With Enable and Deploy Services, it’s easy to automate signature processes through Box Sign, establish content lifecycles with Box Governance, build something unique with Box Platform, check-in on the health of your Box deployment, execute end user training initiatives, or make progress on any other Content Cloud initiative — we have a proven approach to get you on your way. Get better results faster with Box Consulting.

We know organizations are looking to move quickly, and don’t have time to reinvent the wheel. With the all-new Box Consulting portfolio, you’re in good hands. Get started today by contacting your account team, or reach out to us and let us know that you’re ready to take the next step on your journey to the Content Cloud.

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