Boost design efficiency with the new Box for AutoCAD integration

At Box, we believe that while your content should be unified in a single secure hub, it should be readily available across your tools and applications, no matter where you choose to work. That's the power of cloud content management and it's why we're thrilled to partner with Autodesk to release a new integration, Box for AutoCAD, that allows organizations to accelerate design and drafting from anywhere.

Developed by Autodesk over 30 years ago, AutoCAD is leveraged by millions of users around the world to create 2D and 3D drawings for blueprints, product designs, maps and more. Box and Autodesk joint customers across industries such as architecture, engineering, manufacturing, transportation, construction and more have been avidly requesting a deeper partnership, and we're excited to take the first step forward together with the Box for AutoCAD integration. 

“Today's fast-paced workforce demands the flexibility to get work done anytime, anywhere," said Amy Bunszel, senior vice president, Design and Creation products at Autodesk. "The new Box and AutoCAD integration offers a simple solution to Box customers so that no matter where they are –whether it's a job site or a client’s office –they can work without disruption with the AutoCAD web app."

Box for AutoCAD

Box for AutoCAD was created to boost design productivity by providing users with quick access to their project files, no matter where they are working. With the integration, Box can now be connected as a secure content layer for managing files in the AutoCAD desktop, web, or mobile apps. This means that designers can save new DWG files directly to Box or open existing DWG files managed in Box, without ever leaving AutoCAD. And with Box's comprehensive security, governance and compliance capabilities, IT can rest assured that their organization's design projects are always protected.

When working from Box, users can easily open DWG files managed in Box using AutoCAD or the AutoCAD web app. Any edits can be saved back to Box, eliminating the need to toggle between applications and saving users valuable time. By providing designers and drafters with the freedom to work on their files when and where they want, Box for AutoCAD can ultimately empower organizations to drive better business outcomes such as shorter construction timelines and higher employee satisfaction.

Together, Box and Autodesk are dedicated to continuously bringing our customers innovative solutions that help them work smarter and faster than ever before. The release of this integration today marks the first step in our partnership, with many more exciting updates to come. Stay tuned for more information!

Box for AutoCAD is available now. Learn how to enable the integrationhere.

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