Box and Workplace by Facebook: Making Work Simpler

Since announcing our partnership with Workplace by Facebook, we've been collaborating to develop new ways Box's cloud content management and Workplace's collaboration platforms can transform how businesses and teams work together. We are excited to share that the first Box and Workplace integration is now available to customers!

Announced at F8 Conference this afternoon, the Box for Workplace by Facebook integration helps teams collaborate on content with each other, simplifies their workflows, and makes it easier for people to get work done. Now customers that use Box as their cloud content management solution and Workplace by Facebook as their enterprise communication and collaboration platform can keep their teams connected and more productive. Used by over 71,000 and 14,000 organizations, respectively, and on every continent including Antarctica, Box and Workplace are reimagining the future of enterprise software together.

By bringing content from Box into Workplace, teams can share their files more easily and collaborate on projects in real-time, all while keeping their content securely stored in Box. Whether you're a recruiter drafting an offer letter that needs approval, a salesperson trying to sign a contract with a new customer, or a designer iterating on a new creative concept, you can share your ideas and content with Box and Workplace. With this new, native integration, users in Box or Workplace can seamlessly access and share content from Box into their Workplace groups.

  • Easily share content from Box in Workplace - Users can select content saved in Box to share right from their Workplace post - without leaving Workplace - using the Box File Picker. Shared links to Box files are automatically recognized and unfurled, giving users seamless access to their Box content, while still leveraging the robust security controls of files stored in Box.
  • Preview content saved in Box right from Workplace - Instead of repeatedly downloading files and viewing them in different programs on your desktop, users will be able to preview their shared Box content directly in their Workplace groups.
  • Collaborate better with Workplace groups - Users can share files directly with Workplace groups without ever leaving Box and access all your recently shared Box content right from the files tab in a Workplace group. You can keep all of your content in one place while collaborating across your organization - no more wasted time hunting for files that were just shared.

"Box is brilliant at content and Workplace by Facebook is fantastic at people. Their interaction helps us harness the power of our people and the potential of Oxfam's knowledge," said Dianna Langley of Oxfam. "They have already helped us strengthen our networks, curate our wealth of data, and create increased connections in our information - all so vital in our life saving work. We believe a closer partnership between the Box and Workplace will make our digital work spaces more efficient and powerful, further equipping Oxfam to empower people around the world to lift themselves out of poverty."

"We're excited to partner with Box on their Workplace integration to make it easier for teams to share ideas and collaborate on their content." said Simon Cross, Workplace product manager. "Joint customers will now be able to seamlessly access their content directly from Workplace, allowing them to work with it in a simple and familiar way."

At Box, we’re focused on driving openness in the enterprise and we're dedicated to providing a connected, unified experience where best-of-breed apps like Workplace and Box simply work together. That's why Box integrates with thousands of applications that let you share, edit, manage, analyze and collaborate with all types of data. This makes it easy to create presentations in Office 365, collaborate with your team in Google Docs, engage customers and sales reps with IBM Expert Seller, and share proposals with customers in Salesforce, all from Box.

Customers are using Workplace to share information and have discussions around important content, so naturally we built an integration to ensure that people can seamlessly share their Box content, no matter where they are. Stay tuned as we continue to deepen the integration between Box and Workplace in the future!