Box AI: Enterprise-grade AI is now at your fingertips

A massive shift in how enterprises interact with their unstructured data is underway.

Large language models, having rapidly advanced, can now accurately answer a wide range of questions, summarize vast amounts of information, and identify trends in complex data. And businesses are tapping into mission-critical insights once locked away in content (like sales presentations in Google Slides, finance documents in Microsoft Excel, marketing assets in Keynote, and more).

What better place to seize this opportunity — than on the platform built for your content? It’s time to dive into Box AI in the Content Cloud.

Our groundbreaking AI solution

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Box AI has officially launched — and that Box AI for Documents and Box AI for Notes are now generally available.* With this release, we mark a significant milestone in Box’s journey towards revolutionizing how enterprises manage, analyze, and extract value from their content.

Box AI is a new set of capabilities that natively integrates advanced AI models into the Content Cloud. Box AI will help you transform your content strategy and unlock the full potential of your unstructured data, while managing every aspect of content management (like collaborating, categorizing, and automating processes). Use Box AI to: 

  • Drive business insights instantly by asking questions about a document’s contents, extracting insights from a spreadsheet, or summarizing a presentation, all with just one click.
  • Create content in seconds by quickly drafting emails, newsletters, or blog posts from scratch (in different tones, lengths, and styles). Or, develop agendas, manuals, and reports that build on information that’s already in Box.
  • And — coming soon — speed up business processes by automating workflows, tasks, and metadata generation to drive faster business outcomes.

Box AI makes every person in your company smarter and more productive, freeing up valuable time for your employees to focus on other value-add work. And we’ve built Box AI to be flexible and scalable, allowing us to partner with the best of breakthrough AI providers, and, in the future, you’ll have the ability to bring any large language model provider to your content. And all of this will maintain the enterprise-grade security, compliance, and privacy you know and trust with Box.

Box AI for Documents

Box AI for Documents opens up a world of possibilities when interacting with content. Ask any question through an intuitive chat-like prompt and receive an AI-generated answer right away. Say goodbye to lengthy reading sessions. Box AI summarizes documents in seconds. Need specific information? Find it effortlessly with Box AI. Want to uncover key findings or trends? Ask Box AI to extract those findings for you. 

Getting started with Box AI for Documents is easy. Open any document in Box, such as a PDF or PPT, click the Box AI icon at the top, and start asking questions about the document. 

Need help? Our first-time user experience walks you through how use Box AI. Can’t think of a question? Get started with our list of pre-populated questions. Want to add content generated by Box AI to another document? Copy an answer onto your clipboard with a single click (add it to a Box Note to start building out new content). Need inspiration? Look no further. Here are some ways that Box customers are using Box AI for Documents:

  • Pulling insights from clinical studies and making queries on files shared by CROs to streamline drug development
  • Analyzing policy documents and board meeting notes to generate executive summaries and key points
  • Extracting answers from a large collection of internal HR information for employees
  • Quickly informing wealth advisors of market updates by summarizing detailed documents from Investor Relations
  • And (in beta) attaching metadata to contracts to help organize their permit forms into categories

Box AI for notes
Say hello to Box AI for Notes, your new productivity partner for generating top-notch content effortlessly. With Box AI for Notes, gone are the days of writer’s block or struggling with edits. Simply enter a prompt, and watch as Box AI works its magic right before your eyes.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or fine-tuning existing text, Box AI has you covered. Need help crafting meeting templates? No problem! Want to polish up blog posts? Consider it done! Box AI can even assist with adjusting voice and tone, condensing or expanding content while catching spelling and grammar errors along the way.

Ready to get started? Here are some ways our customers use Box AI for Notes:

  • Tailor onboarding documents to a specific customer’s unique needs
  • Draft blog posts, web copy, and captions faster than ever
  • Revise social copy to match a brand voice and to meet required character limits
  • Generate medical writing content using existing content to accelerate time to market
  • Summarize meeting notes to craft next steps, and create internal emails

Box AI with the power of Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service

Following our AI Principles, Box AI has been developed on a platform-neutral framework, enabling it to connect with today’s most powerful large language models. We’re excited to announce that for the Box AI GA, we’re integrating with Azure OpenAI Service to bring the most advanced intelligence models to the Content Cloud and enhance enterprise-grade AI even further. Microsoft and Box already help customers meet strict compliance requirements like FINRA, GxP, and FedRAMP. Now, we’ll also empower organizations across highly regulated industries to leverage AI for new use cases. For example: 

  • Financial services companies can extract insights from reports in Box (including market trends, economic indicators, and historical financial data) to provide a summary of key findings that highlights projections and potential risks.  
  • Life sciences organizations can obtain information from clinical trial data and expedite analyses of vast datasets for a more comprehensive and efficient understanding of trial outcomes.  
  • Public sector agencies can derive valuable insights from vast amounts of constituent feedback and policy research to guide evidence-based decisions and policy development, while aligning to President Biden’s guidance for use of AI. 
  • Insurance companies can find key information in claims reports to enhance efficiency, reduce turnaround times, and provide a smoother experience for both parties. 
  • Legal firms can quickly identify key terms, clauses, and relevant information within complex legal texts to significantly reduce time and effort required for legal research, allowing attorneys to focus on more strategic aspects of their cases.  

As you can see, we’re super excited for the GA of Box AI. But don’t take our word for it:

"Not too long ago we were all talking about the business imperative to embracing digital transformation; bringing legacy workflows and processes into a cloud content platform that enables access and collaboration on essential business information from anywhere along with the ability to share content securely, and seamlessly. As the leader in this space, we chose Box to ensure we could achieve our transformation and without knowing it at the time, this would be a critical decision that allowed us to maintain business continuity during an unforeseen global pandemic. We see Box AI as a similarly massive value-add to our technology stack, where we may not know all the ways generative AI will change our lives in the future, but we’re on the rocket ship of AI advancements just by being a Box customer." Matt Hoey, Assistant Vice President of Technology, Marx|Okubo Associates, Inc.

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