Boost security while reducing costs through software integrations

At a time when getting work done with fewer resources is more vital than ever, IT executives are making efficiency and time savings a top priority without compromising on security. And one key way many enterprise IT leaders are achieving those goals is through software integrations—namely, by integrating cloud content management platforms with other core business apps to reduce content fragmentation across the enterprise.

Pulse and Box surveyed 100 global enterprise IT executives to uncover the top business benefits they’re deriving from integrating software apps—and found that the leaders who have integrated their cloud content management system with other apps are reaping rewards. 

According to these IT leaders, here are the top business benefits that their organization has seen from integration their  content management application with other business applications.

Pulse and Box

They also agree that integrating content management systems with other apps improves security and reduces errors. Without integrations, content can become fragmented across the various applications different teams use—and 96% of these same executives admit that content fragmentation can lead to data leakage and security breaches.

Pulse and Box

Most IT leaders are also driving down cloud storage costs through integrations. Since some business applications charge overage fees when you surpass your basic file storage limits, 87% of IT executives agree they can reduce storage costs by integrating business applications with a cloud content management system that has unlimited storage. Furthermore, more Box customers have realized cost savings on their content storage costs.

Pulse and Box

Read the full study and learn how software integrations can help your organization. See here to learn more about Box's 1,500+ partner integrations and see which ones can help boost your organization's security and  reduce your content management costs today.