Automate and transform to build brilliant investor relationships

Wealth Management

In contrast to more conventional capital market sectors, today’s disruptive asset management firms are increasingly agile and unafraid adopters of new technologies. And with good reason. Yours is the alpha-creating, high-value arm of the capital markets sector, and staying at the bleeding-edge of digital-age technology can be a real game-changer.

Not only does the adoption of things like applied intelligence and advanced analytics give smaller firms the ability to punch above their weight and combat the economies of scale of larger competitors, there’s a huge customer experience upside too. More automated and intelligent processes at the back end mean asset managers can focus attention of servicing clients at the front. More than this though, engaging with investors through Google, Zoom and Slack – particularly when integrated into a user-friendly, intuitive platform like Box – makes that brand-building, differentiated experience real.

Cool tech with a purpose

If you’re unfamiliar with Box, we offer a single, cloud-based platform used by capital markets clients to power content across the digital ecosystem. It’s the kind of cool, intuitive tech we’re all using our personal lives, just built for the enterprise.

With Box you get anywhere access to your content, easy collaboration, secure storage and sharing, and a wide range of intelligent automation options. And it’s inherently flexible to fit your use case. Box can be an investor portal, a virtual data room or a smart option to streamline KYC. So you can deploy this single platform across your business and maximize investments.

Box can also be integrated with the best-of-breed business apps everyone uses every day. This isn’t just good news for asset managers (who won’t have to chop and change between apps), it’s a real advantage for your quants and coders. We know there’s a new generation of tech-savvy talent out there that wants to work with the latest digital tools, craves consumer-like experiences and needs the flexibility to customize and explore. Box gives them that.

A great real-world example is Morgan Stanley’s “Digital Vault”. Developed in partnership with Box, this fully encrypted wealth management portal gives its three million clients an intuitive, modern customer journey that allows them to surface critical documents and content related to their portfolio in the most efficient way.

Going beyond process

Profitable client relationships and positive brand perceptions are defined by the experiences your investors encounter from the very beginning. Which is why many firms are now using Box to create slick and easy onboarding and KYC processes, and to streamline portfolio management and on-going client servicing. It’s cool, but it gets the job done.

Neither is Box just about the (admittedly dull) task of document storage. Today’s investors want to be able to see the performance of their portfolios in real time – on investor portals. Here, smaller buy-side firms can sometimes struggle to compete with the high-cost, custom-made experiences on offer from larger asset management funds.

As we’ve seen, Box offers a great option here too – enabling the cost-effective creation of beautifully presented investor portals without the development time (or the cost) usually associated with such things. Ultimately, asset managers use Box to make their lives easier, to automate manual processes and give them back time to monitor markets and generate returns.

Perhaps more than that though, Box takes you beyond the ‘process’ to deliver incredibly sophisticated and professional digital engagements that really do enable brilliant relationships; to create the kind of differentiated experiences that investors are looking for and progressive asset management brands need to deliver.