Announcing the General Availability of Box Shuttle

We're committed to helping every business make an efficient and seamless transition to the cloud. That's why we introduced Box Shuttle this past spring, bringing you a simple, smart way to migrate large amounts of data to Box.

Since then, Box Shuttle has been named the Best Business Application of 2016. We're proud to enable companies of all sizes — including the biggest businesses in the world — to move millions of files to Box, making their data smarter in the process. And today we're thrilled to announce that Box Shuttle is now generally available to our customers.
The Box Shuttle beta helped dozens of organizations expedite the process of moving hundreds of terabytes of data from on-premise, legacy ECM and disparate cloud systems to Box. Like these businesses discovered, Box Shuttle lets you standardize your most valuable files on Box.

Achieve greater predictability, lower risk and a faster outcome. The CTO of a large pharmaceutical company approached us with a common challenge: the business wanted to fully embrace the cloud, but couldn't move 130+ terabytes themselves before their data center lease expired. We partnered to create a crisp migration and implementation plan that helped them move to Box in under four months.

Seamlessly replace network file shares and legacy storage. We helped a small architecture firm replace their network storage with Box, saving them roughly $1.5MM and boosting the productivity of their traveling designers who use iPads to access CAD files. We worked together to determine what data to keep live, purge and archive and to identify the security and governance requirements of the selected data.

Make your data more intelligent. The legal department of a Fortune 500 company was required to apply a legal hold to roughly 300 high-profile custodians as the business moved to the cloud. Box Shuttle allowed IT to maintain full control and visibility over their data throughout the process — all without interrupting the organization's workflow. We maintained their existing user permissions, metadata, governance controls like retention policies and legal holds, and other custom attributes as they moved their files to Box.

We're excited to work with you as your business moves to the cloud. To get started with Box Shuttle, register for our webinar or reach out to your sales representative. Box Shuttle's award-winning service is now available to all of our customers at an introductory price.