Accelerating the Box developer journey

Accelerating the Box developer journey

Last week, Box hosted workshops in Boston and New York city where the Box developer relations team showcased developer tools and API's from Box. As customers continue their digital transformation, developers increasingly play a critical role in how Box integrates into your company's internal systems, business processes and content experiences. Box content API's offer some of the most versatile tools in the Box toolkit and by leveraging modern developer tools, companies are extending the functionality of Box to build custom solutions across a variety of business needs. These solutions can manifest themselves in different ways depending on where the customer is in their transformation.

For customers just starting out with our API's, consider extending content services from Box to other applications and tools across your technology stack so content is centralized and secure. This includes connecting Box to your internal productivity tools, as well as IT related automation tasks and even security policies in a more programatic fashion. This can deliver real business value such as ensuring a single source of truth, simplifying content delivery and ensure that content is secure and compliant.  Some of the most common examples include:

  • Unify content stored in best-of-breed applications such as Salesforce, Slack, ServiceNow, Microsoft Office, G Suite etc.
  • Automate IT related tasks using scripts that more easily manage content, users and settings 
  • Apply security policies for content to address business rules across your enterprise

As your content needs start to evolve toward business process oriented outcomes, content can play a more strategic role across your enterprise. Consider how you can leverage content services from Box across your business processes such as loan origination, clinical workflows and even product lifecycle management. This requires content API's to connect Box with your technology systems and business processes. Developers benefit from this approach as well as it eliminates the problem of siloed enterprise content systems. Some examples include:

  • Content ingestion to support a critical business process 
  • Custom integration into line of business system (CRM, HCM, ITSM) that connects content into your business systems
  • Leverage Box as a content repository of a business workflow such as client on-boarding for wealth management or loan application process that moves content across internal systems 

Finally, consider how to maximize the value to your customers, employees and partners through customized content experiences powered by Box content API's. Whether you're sharing the latest collateral with the sales team or providing patients with access to their health related information, it gives employees and customers a secure and more personalized way to access, share and collaborate on content directly within your custom application experience. Some examples include:

  • Client portals to view access and collaborate on sensitive content from financial to legal documents 
  • Employee apps that deliver sales or training material to a distributed workforce
  • 3rd party apps that deliver custom intelligence services into your content to extract rich insights 

With our open content API’s, developers can extend the functionality of Box to simplify how customers build solutions around Box’s native content capabilities. Our developer workshops are focused on accelerating the developer journey and empowering our community to take advantage of our tools to drive business outcomes. We cover foundational topics about the Box Platform and our API’s as well as how to apply these learnings in order to build new applications, 3rd party integrations and extract intelligence from your content. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact you Box account executive about one of our upcoming workshops in your area. 

For more details on Box Platform and our Content Services APIs, you can also check out our developer resources at