IBM Chooses Box Platform to Power Expert Seller

As part of Box and IBM's ongoing partnership to transform how enterprises work, we're focused on delivering best-in-class mobile applications that enable employees to be more productive than ever using an iPhone or iPad. Today, we're excited to announce a new version of the IBM MobileFirst for iOS application: Expert Seller. The first IBM MobileFirst for iOS application built on Box Platform, Expert Seller extends the robust enterprise features from Box to all of its users.

Designed to provide a seamless experience for sales teams, the Expert Seller app enables sales organizations to manage and interact with their most important content on the go. Expert Seller empowers sales professionals to:

  • Quickly prepare for interactions with customers and prospects with up-to-date, curated sales and marketing content on an intuitive interface, so they can spend less time searching, and more time engaging with clients.
  • Easily identify the materials most relevant to them, determined by past successes, as well as what colleagues have indicated is effective.
  • Present their preferred materials to customers and clients in an more interactive and dynamic way.

IBM has been using Expert Seller with their sales force across 52 countries, delivering the most critical content to their sales teams in the field. Using Expert Seller, IBM has already seen a 25% decrease in the amount of time spent preparing for client meetings to date.

Expert Seller with Box Platform enables sales and marketing organizations to manage and gain insight from their sales collateral

Expert Seller puts the latest product and service information at the fingertips of an organization’s sales force, enabling them to quickly learn about new offerings so they can spend more time engaging with clients. Expert Seller with Box Platform is available through the IBM Marketplace.

Learn more about Expert Seller and register for the IBM and Box: Transforming Work in the Cloud webinar replay.