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Did you know that 90% of business data is unstructured?* That’s everything from files and videos, to PDFs and spreadsheets. It’s your sales presentations, finance documents, marketing campaign briefs, product plans, and more. Within this unstructured…

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Mitie Selects Box for Cloud Content Management

The UK’s leading facilities transformation company, Mitie has been a Box customer since 2020 and uses Box Platform to support critical payroll processes for its 60,000+ employees.

Box Impact Fund
Announcing our 2023-2024 Box Impact Fund Grantees

As we kick of a new fiscal year, we’re thrilled to announce six outstanding organizations that we’ve selected as our 2023-2024 Box Impact Fund grantees. In it’s third year, the Box Impact Fund supports organizations pursuing digital transformation…

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Navigating the cloud security threat landscape

As corporate reliance on cloud storage grows, so does the concern with its evolving threat landscape. With 80% of organizations storing sensitive data in the cloud, it’s no surprise that the cloud is a prime target for cyberattackers.

7 Ways to Boost Collaboration and Eliminate Organizational Silos
7 ways to boost collaboration and eliminate organizational silos

Making the most of your data can be challenging when it’s isolated and fragmented in silos. Organizational silos can negatively impact your company’s profitability, culture, innovation potential, and budget. Content silos lead to a breakdown in…

Box for Apple Vision Pro
Box for Apple Vision Pro brings your enterprise content to life

Today we’re excited to announce the new Box app for Apple Vision Pro app — built specifically for Apple's new Vision Pro spatial computing headset — is now available in the visionOS App Store. Box for Vision Pro brings your content to life like never…

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How to get started with enterprise workflow automation

No matter the size of your operation, you need efficient workflows to streamline processes, optimize resource utilization, and enhance business outcomes. But when you’re dealing with the complexity and scale of enterprises, workflow automation becomes…

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The state of enterprise AI adoption in 2024

In the race to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) in enterprises, don’t get left behind. Two-thirds of respondents in a Box-sponsored IDC survey have already deployed generative AI in some areas (or broadly) at their organizations. With AI, you can tap…

Supercharge your workflows: 4 game-changing ways to streamline your processes
Supercharge your workflows: 4 game-changing ways to streamline your processes

From healthcare and government to manufacturing and retail, companies across all industries are hard at work implementing new productivity-boosting apps and technologies into their daily operations. If your company wants to remain competitive in this…

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Best practices for cloud photo management

You’ve likely heard the saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” But is it worth a headache if you can’t easily find the image you need for a project? Probably not. When teams need to grapple with images scattered across different platforms or…

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AI summarization: Definition and best practices

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the volume of files you need to go over or rushing against the clock to complete a report, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to summarize documents and extract key insights will help you save time and untap the…

CIO predictions
2024 CIO predictions

For CIOs, 2024 looks a lot like 2023 in many ways. AI remains top of mind, security and privacy are looming concerns, and everyone's gunning for a smarter tech stack while balancing existing and evolving efforts. Here’s my take on how CIOs will solve…

Why enterprise video sharing is on the rise
Why enterprise video sharing is on the rise

About two-thirds of all internet traffic comes from video. Last year alone, consumer video usage grew 24%, according to the Global Internet Phenomena Report. This popularity extends beyond consumer use, though. Enterprises increasingly rely on videos for…