Welcome to the New App Economy: Introducing Box $rev

Here at Box, we’re committed to providing our developer community with the right tools, the right programs and access to the right customers to help them succeed in the new era of enterprise software. In March 2012, we announced Box OneCloud, our ecosystem of third-party mobile applications that integrate with Box. OneCloud now includes more than 500 iOS and Android applications and is being used by 43% of the Fortune 500. The user base has grown more than 200% since inception, and we’ve found, on average, OneCloud users are twice as engaged on Box when compared to non-OneCloud users. Together with our partners, we are revolutionizing the way mobile is being used in the enterprise. Today, we are announcing Box $rev – the next progressive step in enabling the next generation of enterprise software. Box $rev is an industry-first monetization model that allows our partners to generate recurring revenue from their app(s), based on the activity driven across Box’s enterprise customer base. By joining Box $rev, partners are eligible to receive up to 15% of the per seat price as a commission for the value they bring to our user base. Here is how the program works:
  1. Integrate your application using the Box API. To help with this process, we’ve just launched two new SDKs for iOS and Android, and we’ll be following up with additional SDKs in the coming weeks.
  2. Enroll your Box-integrated application(s) into the Box $rev program here. We’re announcing this program as a closed beta but will be adding more partners soon.
  3. We’ll monitor, track and report usage of your application(s) via the contact information you’ve registered with us.
  4. Based on the usage of your application(s), we’ll send you a check on a quarterly basis.
Box $rev simplifies the way you monetize your application in the enterprise. We don’t require integration into complex billing platforms; there are no complicated commercial agreements; we don’t take a percentage of the revenue you receive. Simply integrate your app and enroll, and we will send you a check for your value-added services. Box $rev is the first of many steps we will take to help our partners monetize and deliver a new generation of enterprise software. Although we are launching this program today as a closed beta, we expect Box $rev to be available to a broader developer audience in the coming weeks. If you’d like to be a part of powering the mobile enterprise, you can get added to our pilot list here.