Building the Next Great Enterprise Software Platform

“No Army Can Stop An Idea Whose Time Has Come”
– Victor Hugo

Today we announced that I’m joining Box to lead the next phase of growth and development for the Box platform, as well as to take on the role of Chief Strategy Officer. I could not be more thrilled and energized to jump into this role. It’s an incredible time for the tech sector in general, but it’s a really fascinating time for the enterprise. As someone who has worked in enterprise software — and specifically content management — since before there was a cloud, I wanted to share a few thoughts on the opportunity ahead.

There are six factors that determine if a company can get to massive scale and ultimately success. They are:

  1. The right timing
  2. A large market
  3. A great team
  4. An amazing product
  5. An identifiable brand
  6. A broad distribution

Box checks all of these boxes (pun intended, mostly.) In fact, I think Box has one of the most underestimated opportunities in all of enterprise IT.

It’s the perfect time: the world of enterprise software is being completely refactored, driven by a confluence of factors, including the cloud, the consumerization of IT, the declining cost of storage, and mobility.

It's a big market: because content is central to almost every business process, it is a major part of the enterprise software industry.

It's a great team: Box melds deep experience from both the consumer and enterprise worlds. And it’s a team that’s built an amazing product over the years.

Let’s be honest, enterprise software has historically been uninspiring for end users. But I’ve always admired Box, even as a competitor, for being a pioneer in the movement to build software that’s both robust and a joy to use everyday.

Put it all together and you have company and a brand that’s made an indelible impact in our industry.

At my previous company, EMC’s Syncplicity, we saw great success over the past three years delivering a solution to make enterprise software delightful and secure.

Jeetu Patel, Box SVP of Platform and Chief Strategy Officer
But as I reflected on the problems I wanted to tackle, it became clear to me that what I really wanted to focus on in the next chapter of my career was that last key factor for building a successful company – broad distribution.

I kept coming back to this deep passion to impact hundreds of millions of people. This is where the Box platform comes in and why this role is so exciting.

At Box, there is a transformative opportunity for the platform to act as an underlying foundation for any developer or company to create a killer enterprise app that’s easy to use and secure. It’s an unmatched opportunity in the content management and collaboration category.

Just as developers use Twilio to power their apps’ underlying communications, or Stripe to power web and mobile payments, Box’s secure enterprise content platform can power content services and experiences for any app. Whether it be digitizing client communications for any professional services firm, rethinking brokerage experiences for financial services users, or reimagining communications for a manufacturing supply chain, developers want to focus on their core use case and competency while leaving the rest of the heavy lifting to a secure and scalable platform like Box.

Essentially, if you believe that every company will eventually be a software company, pretty much every developer needs secure cloud content services like those provided by Box. That’s the future of the Box platform. I believe Box is leading the way in imagining a radically different world for enterprise software, and I can’t wait to be a part of the team.