Vector Media Grows with Box + Office 365

I've worked closely with many companies through major growth stages and seen the challenges they face when balancing the needs of quickly scaling a business. With high growth comes a level of uncertainty that often makes it difficult to determine what business solutions will fit your needs today and also scale with you in the future.

Businesses are eager to find a scalable solution for their entire organization – one that can grow with them as they continue to expand, while providing enterprise-grade security and boosting productivity. They ask me if widespread teams can have much-needed content management tools for collaboration and remote access. And, of course, they want to be sure they’ll see a clear return on investment (ROI) from switching to Box.

The answer is yes, and here’s what else “ROI” means to organizations using Box:

Return on implementation

Building out a data center and other IT infrastructure can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in hardware, upgrades, and annual software licensing. For a business that may not even have a dedicated IT team, these implementations – which require a full-time systems administrator to manage and maintain them – are simply out of the question. Meanwhile, a recent study found that Box implementations provide outstanding ROI and cost savings.

Return on integration

Most businesses have already made significant software investments. Understandably, they’d like to preserve these investments. Unfortunately, not all software plays nice together, leaving organizations missing out on advanced collaboration tools and strong security features. Box supports thousands of partner integrations; for example, the new Box + Microsoft Office 365 works seamlessly with existing Microsoft productivity suites, creating lucrative new ways to interact with and sell to customers.

Return on innovation

Everyday IT infrastructure problems and file-sharing hassles are a necessary evil. Or are they? With Box, a company’s best and brightest employees aren’t stuck dealing with tedious user-experience issues, they’re growing the business and collaborating better than ever. Since Box helps innovative people focus on the next big idea – or the next big sale – it makes sense that there’s a solid return on productivity.

One business in particular, advertising company Vector Media, used to have file servers all over the country. The goal was to have file access and strong security. Unfortunately, from complex file-syncing tools to site-to-site VPN, the solutions they were using ended up being too cumbersome. At one point, it was nearly impossible for their employees to access content outside of the office.

Moving to a new technology solution is a big undertaking for even the largest organizations. Check out why Vector Media chose Box to power their business.

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