Today at BoxWorks: Unlocking Dynamic New Content Experiences

Enabling companies to fully transition to the cloud means making sure that all of the content they work with on a daily basis is accessible, sharable and collaborative. And at Box, we've developed powerful technology to ensure that we support viewing for a wide range of content. In fact, right now you can view more than 120 file types directly from Box - and we're continuing to innovate.

A big part of our product focus today is making your work on Box more dynamic. The power of the Box platform is all about moving from more static actions (uploading, downloading) to more dynamic and collaborative behaviors (sharing, real-time editing, triggering workflows, etc). The same goes for how you experience content. Newer, richer content types lend themselves to interactions that go beyond simply viewing a static file, and to that end, today we're announcing viewing support for three more content types: HD video, 3D renderings and medical images.

New content experiences

HD Video Support Provides Netflix Quality Viewing, Directly from Box
For a lot of our customers, having quick access to video is a necessity. Film studios needs it for working with footage, brands needs it for creating commercials, publishers needs it for developing editorial content. In fact, about one out of every seven active Box business users watch videos regularly in Box. We're upgrading the video experience for our customers in a major way today. Not only are we making the load time significantly faster than before, we're delivering high definition (1080p) quality that automatically adapts to your variable network speed - meaning you won't have to deal with a frozen or jagged video. The viewer also features a cleaner interface and an option for full screen mode, so downloading video to your computer is unnecessary. Now, it'll be easier than ever for our customers to stay in Box while working with video, saving time and streamlining process. Private beta for HD video support will be available later this year.

The Only Leading Collaboration Platform Allowing You To Work with Medical Images
Physicians, nurses, hospital administrators and even patients face a similar challenge - medical images are largely locked up in on-premise systems. This makes sharing and collaborating on files like x-rays, MRIs, ultrasounds and CT scans really difficult. Building on what we announced back in April with preview support for DICOM, today we're announcing the Box DICOM Viewer! This not only allows users to preview medical images (known as DICOM studies) easily, but also work with them in dynamic ways: you can scroll through a series, adjust contrast, correlate points in 3D space, take measurements, and create annotations on any device. Imagine what's possible with this technology. An obstetrician can take an ultrasound, annotate it, send it to a primary care physician who can pull up the image for the mother-to-be on her iPad, and finally, provide her with a link so she can have it at home to share with her family.

As a HIPAA compliant platform for the past three years, it's no surprise that more than one million DICOM images are uploaded to Box each month. Delivering a robust way to view and work with these images is a natural move for Box and we can't wait to see the opportunities it unlocks for healthcare. Private beta for the Box DICOM Viewer is available today.

Immersive, Interactive 3D Experiences within Box
Now, more than ever, products and services are being designed with 3D software, and many of these design files are locked up in closed proprietary systems, resulting in broken workflows and expensive rendering steps. With support for interactive 3D in Box, designers can easily upload and share their work in progress models with anyone - whether it be a coworker, contractor or customer. All of the major 3D file types are supported with no additional plug-in required, including FBX, OBJ, Collada, 3DS, STL, and PLY. Plus, 3D viewing support will also be available through Box APIs, meaning that this next generation of content experiences can be a part of any app built on Box.

Having a 3D engine in the Box platform enables us to generate interactive previews for uploaded models, but also sets us up for future content types and ways of interacting with content. Our 3D viewer supports the Oculus Rift, for those willing to experiment with their developer edition. And we're already seeing demand from companies in construction, retail, and others, to support viewing 360 images and video in Box. Private beta for 3D video support is available today.