Toyota Drives IT Innovation with Box

Last year, we were thrilled to highlight one example of Toyota's innovative approach to IT — a prototype custom app built using the Box APIs — on the main stage at BoxWorks. Since then, the world's largest automotive manufacturer has further embraced Box, taking advantage of our platform to enable mobility, collaboration and productivity for thousands of employees across the organization. With a BYOD policy in place since 2012, Toyota's IT organization is on the cutting-edge of enterprise technology, seeking solutions that empower employees to remain mobile without sacrificing security. The ability to collaborate with car dealers, customers and associates in real-time has increased the speed of decision making, encouraging shared best practices and allowing the business to leverage the combined strength of its associates. Groups ranging from the field service tech organization to the executive team use Box to stay connected inside and outside the office, replacing paper-based processes. With Box's strong administrative controls, the IT organization is able to protect sensitive content while empowering employees to collaborate effectively. “It’s important to arm employees with technology that drives productivity and innovation across the organization,” said Zack Hicks, group vice president and chief information officer for Toyota. “Moving to technologies, like Box, provides a way to securely share and collaborate using any device and empowers associates to discover new ways to move our business forward.” Join us at BoxWorks 2014 to hear more inspiring stories about how businesses like Toyota are leveraging Box to transform the way people work.