Think Enterprise Software Can't be Sexy? Think Again.

We're conditioned to think that enterprise software is dull, restrictive and designed for top-down control rather than empowerment of the end user. And until recently, this assumption has been more or less true. But no longer... There's a new wave of software startups that are challenging the traditional approach to enterprise software. In yesterday's TechCrunch guest post - Enterprise Software is Sexy Again - I share some thoughts on how companies like Yammer, Zuora, Jive, Box and many others are tackling business problems with the agility and attitude of consumer start-ups. These services are spreading across organizations through bottom-up adoption, bringing innovative new features to users on a weekly basis (rather than every three years), and building cultures around product execution rather than pure sales. And thanks to the democratizing power of the cloud, newcomers in the enterprise software space actually stand a chance against the tech giants. This is a very exciting time for enterprise software, and it's only going to get more interesting. If you have a chance to read the post, I'd be interested in any questions or feedback you might have, either here or @levie. Post by Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO