The Role of the CIO in the Changing Media and Entertainment Landscape

Last week I met with more than a dozen CIOs and IT leaders at the CME CIO industry summit in Scottsdale, Arizona, where we discussed the challenges and changes of IT in the media and entertainment (M&E) industry. Long gone are the days where a CIO’s role focused solely on operations and infrastructure. Yes, IT still manages this part of the business, but as technologies like mobile and the cloud take hold in just about every department inside M&E companies, the CIO’s role now encompasses a full 360 approach. In fact, according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, “CIOs are becoming key participants in nearly every business decision. They're also sharing control over technology purchases with other departments and even with the rank and file, who have begun to bring their own tech gear into work.” Here were my top five takeaways from our conversations:
  • Content is becoming increasingly digital – from how it’s created to how it’s consumed. And collaboration is critical to ALL M&E activities, campaigns, promotions and products.
  • Marketing, production and creative managers more mobile than ever – as are their agencies and crews.
  • Collaboration on projects is happening anywhere, anytime -- and on any device.
  • The speed business is driving users to take matters into their own hands and seek fast, simple (but not always secure) solutions to sharing concepts and content.
  • CIOs stand at the epicenter of this mobile, cloud-centric, digital world, where security and piracy protection is paramount to revenues and success.
I’ll be continuing this conversation at BoxWorks with some of the industry’s thought leaders: Rachel Bondi, the Chief of Mobile Innovation at Creative Artists Agency of CAA; Mike Kail, the CIO of NetFlix;  Kevin Murray, Director of IT at Sony Entertainment and Justin Slaten, Director of IT at Wasserman Media Group. Register today to join us in San Francisco this October! See you there.