The Legal Industry is Getting More Collaborative

The legal services industry continues to see an increase in usage of mobile devices and cloud technologies to help their lawyers deliver better and more efficient legal services. Recently, we did some research to determine how different types of companies were using Box. Based on these results, lawyers are increasingly using Box to share documents with external parties. To illustrate this trend, we put together a video that visualizes how one AMLAW 100 law firm is using Box.

The external parties you see here can be clients, co-counsel, opposing counsel, or third party vendors/consultants. We are not surprised with these findings, as the legal services industry has fundamentally changed, and law firms are trying to service their clients to the best of their ability and differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace.

HBR Consulting and Box Solution

In order to help law firms make this transition, Box and HBR Consulting have teamed up to offer custom-built solutions for law firms looking to transform their IT infrastructure with cloud-based storage and collaboration tools. We are excited to announce our first solution called “Publish To”, which allows law firms easy one-way publishing and conversion of final documents from HP WorkSite and MS Explorer to Box. This allows law firms to maximize their DMS investment, and be able to easily collaborate with external parties and access documents on their mobile device.

LegalTech and CIO Forum in NYC

Come meet the team! We are excited to attend LegalTech and the CIO Forum this week on February 3-5. Our Chief Trust Officer, Justin Somaini, will be speaking on a panel at LegalTech with our partner Recommind on the topic of “Data Preservation in a User-Centric mobile, social and cloud world”. Additionally, during the CIO Forum, he will be leading a session on “Securing Your Content in the Cloud” and discussing how law firms can not only secure their legal information in the cloud, but employ it as a security solution to protect sensitive client communications and reduce the risk of data loss. Please join us for both of these sessions, and also swing by our LegalTech Booth (#2502) and CIO Forum Booth (#3022).

Want to learn more about how leading legal services companies are using Box? Check out one of our case studies.