Start Creating Apps on Box Platform

Today, we announced the general availability of Box Platform, our new offering that lets you build a full set of content management, experience, and security services into your own custom applications. Starting today, you can log into your developer console and create apps using Box Platform.
To get started, check out our documentation and tutorials.
Building custom apps on Box Platform means you can now quickly and easily create apps with powerful content services while still maintaining control over the look, brand, and feel of your app. You own the users, you own the content, and now you own the user experience. With Box Platform you receive an independent, developer-owned instance of Box with the full set of enterprise features, compliances, and industry standards like HIPAA and FINRA to ensure you can be enterprise-ready day one.
Using App Auth and App Users - the new authentication and user model we introduced at Box Dev earlier this year - you can now rely on Box's content management, experience, and security features in your own apps. App Auth provides a new server-to-server authentication model that allows your application to request access tokens on behalf of an enterprise. With these access tokens, you can provision App Users, users bound to your application, and request app user access tokens to make calls to any endpoint of our Content API. Our new plans allow you to license App Users, along with storage, bandwidth and other resources, to power content services in any app, for any user. 
Box Platform is available in two plans: Developer and Enterprise. Developer is a free plan and allows you to quickly begin developing and testing Box's content services in your apps. Enterprise is a paid plan that allows you to bring Box's content services to enterprise, production applications. Our Enterprise plan starts at $500 per month for 100 App Users, 250 GB of storage, 250 GB of bandwidth. Add-ons, such as Enterprise Key Management (EKM), Box Governance, and Premier Support, can be purchased for any app built on Box Platform. 
We introduced our Developer offering earlier this year and more than 75 companies participated in our beta program from industries like financial services, healthcare, and insurance.
"We realized that Box Platform could serve as the base for a full document management solution, with document sharing and secure data rooms, which is very important for us as we look to revolutionize the alternative investing process," said Roy Singh, CTO of AltX, a Box Platform beta customer. "We saw several possibilities and Box Platform ultimately shaved off a lot of development time for us.” 
We've introduced several new features for building custom apps on Box Platform including:
  • App Auth and App Users: a new server-to-server authentication model and application-specific user type
  • New Admin controls for managing your apps using App Users
  • Enterprise-grade security enhancements for your apps, such as public key rotation and management
  • Preview capabilities in our Content API to embed Office documents and PDFs in your application
  • Updated SDKs for Java, .NET, iOS, Python and Ruby
Your feedback is important to us. Please let us know your thoughts on Twitter at @BoxPlatform. If you have any questions, please ask on our developer forum on Box Community. We appreciate any questions or suggestions that will help make Box Platform better for you and all developers. If you're interested in learning more, register for our upcoming webinar on October 20th. 
We can't wait to see what you build!